Did You Know Sydney Sweeney Was in the Race to Become Reel-Life Madonna, but Eventually Lost to ‘Ozark’s Julia Garner?

Published 03/06/2023, 4:30 PM EST

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Sydney Sweeney got her share of fame after a plentiful struggle, but now that she is on top, she has decided not to look back. Over time, she has proven her worth, as a result of which she is getting many offers, some of which were really great. One such offer included her playing the lead in the biopic of this music legend.

Sweeney once had the opportunity to be in a biopic of “Queen of Pop” Madonna. The 64-year-old singer has been planning her biopic for a while now, and initially, the offer to play her in the film went to the Euphoria star. As flattered as Sweeney was to receive this offer, she did not get it as she lost it against Ozark star Julia Garner.


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If Sweeney had been selected to play Madonna, then it would have been one of the biggest projects of her career to date. However, she did manage to outrun Florence Pugh in the race for the lead but ultimately lost to Garner. The Spokane native auditioned for the film about a year ago with her Euphoria co-stars Alexa Demie and Barbie Ferreira, and she got lucky out of the three.

Surprisingly, the Madonna biopic is not happening anytime soon due to the singer’s world tour. The strange part is, Sweeney is not regretting dropping this ball as this long-due Madonna biopic because of a reason.


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Why might Sydney Sweeney not regret losing Madonna’s biopic?

Even after almost getting the role, the Spokane native must have felt low when she did not get it, but it looks like the future has something else written for her. Because if the Reality Star had gotten the role, she would have been stuck in the middle of nowhere as the Madonna biopic is officially canned for an undetermined time.

As per a source’s statement to The Sun, The White Lotus actress did not clear her schedule unlike the other actresses and kept auditioning for other roles. Her team saw the scrapping of the project far along and hence cautioned the actress beforehand.


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The audition process was a boot camp where the performers had to endure demanding, 11-hour choreography sessions directed by Madonna. The ‘Material Girl’ was going to direct and co-write the film by herself. And unlike Garner and Pugh, Sweeney did not participate in those sessions.


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Luckily Sweeney did not land the project and got big banner productions like Madame Web and Barbarella and the movie based on a real event called Reality.

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