Decoding Behind the Scenes: Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich Touches on the Details on the Making of the Upcoming ‘The Witcher’ Season 3

Published 06/16/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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June 29 is the day when volume 1 of the upcoming season 3 of The Witcher will stream on Netflix. Fans of the books criticized the previous season of the show as it was not true to the original source, Blood of Elves. Due to the same, the director, Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich, has a lot of pressure on her shoulders to keep fans happy keeping in mind Henry Cavill’s exit from the show. With Cavill’s departure, the creators even had the chance to scrap the show but yet continued to go ahead to tell all the stories that have to be told. 

While the director assured the fans that the upcoming season will stay true to the source material, what all has been going behind the curtains for the making of the upcoming season? 

Director Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich on staying true to the source material


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Hissrich has been kind enough to accept her fault for not staying true to Andrzej Sapkowski’s works in the previous season. This was also cited as one reason for Cavill’s exit, and both Netflix and the creators of the show were subjected to backlash. To make up for their mistakes, the creators are in no mood to give a single loophole for fans to be disappointed, yet again. 

In a recent revelation by Collider, Hissrich opened her heart on the criticism she received for season 2. She revealed that she knows it did not set the tone right with fans to deviate from the original source but if she would have done that, the 8 episodes would have been “too slow to keep its momentum.” This would have ultimately lost the audience’s interest. 


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It is all logical that changing the narrative of the books is sometimes necessary to enhance the visual appeal, Hissrich added how the upcoming season will not dishearten the fans. 


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Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich on ‘massive stakes’ for each character 

Hissrich has never been shy to admit how Time of Contempt is her favorite Witcher novel. In the interview, she explained that the previous season, despite changes, was written in such a way that it will make adapting to the novel easier and much more relevant. And she is more than confident to make both the fans and Sapkowski happy. “I think it will keep them equally happy,” she said.


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Apart from this, she also mentioned how the new season has high stakes for all characters as each one of them has an important to play. This will define the course for the upcoming seasons of the shows after Cavill’s exit as Geralt. There will be a lot of important events happening in the show like the Thanedd Coup or the focus on Aelirenn as seen in the trailer of the show.

With so many insights, The Witcher season 3 looks more than promising to watch. What are your views about these revelations by Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich? Let us know in the comments below.



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