Dear White People Returns as Musical for One Last Time on Netflix

Published 09/08/2021, 9:02 AM EDT

The last volume of the popular show, Dear White People, will arrive on Netflix on September 22nd. In just over two weeks, fans will get their fill as they have been waiting for the finale, ever since its announcement in 2019, following the premiere of the third season.

Volume 4 of the show will also have ten episodes, like the other three seasons.

What to expect from the last season?


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The final chapter of this popular satire comedy-drama is going to be a musical. It will have many classic tracks from the 90s, like “This Is How We Do It.” However, some are disappointed in the final season being “the musical final season” and hampering the show’s integrity. But, it will be too soon to judge as the final season could be a blockbuster. Some fans are even intrigued to experience how the show’s satire will continue as a musical.

The trailer itself is full of touches of sarcasm.

“Senior year is going to be one for the books.”


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Trailer of Dear White People Vol. 4

Volume four’s trailer is bouncy and vibrant, with people dancing in the corridors, spontaneous singing, and the Varsity Show.

“That corner sketch comedy thing?” Yes, that!

“90’s musical. But Black.”

“Black ideas. Black music.”

The group is going to take up a chance to tell their story, and “there ain’t sh*t anyone can do to stop us (them).”

Will Varsity Show be a peppy hit end of the series? Few more days for the answer.

What is Dear White People?

Dear White People is a witty show that centers on students of color in the Ivy League college facing racial challenges in everyday life. It follows a couple of students and their lives at the predominantly white college of elite Winchester University. This Comedy Drama explores racial issues and relations in a contemporary American “post-racism” society.

Netflix’s Dear White People is based on the critically acclaimed movie of the same name released in 2014. The film’s writer/director, Justin Simien, returned to make this Netflix Original series. The first edition was released in April 2017, right from where the movie left off.


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The satire on “liberalism”, race relations, black identity, cultural bias, discrimination, social injustice, and race politics are striking features of this show, led by a strong black cast.



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Giancarlo Esposito, Logan Browning, Marque Richardson, Brandon P. Bell, DeRon Horton, Antoinette Robertson, John Patrick Amedori, Ashley Blaine Featherson, and Nia Jervier feature in pivotal roles in Dear White People.

We can’t wait for September 22! How excited are you?



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