Daemon Targaryen, Geralt, or Legolas Which of These Fantasy Warriors Beat the Graced Silver Hair

Published 08/23/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

Fantasy, as a genre, has the potential to offer something fresh to the table; after all, it is entirely made up. And over the years, audiences have been blessed by some of the greatest fantasy films/series, all of them being unique than the other. However, since the release of HBO’s new series, viewers have pointed out the uncanny resemblance of Daemon Targaryen to a couple of other major characters.

Let us see what people say about Matt Smith’s new character.


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People see a Geralt and Legolas resemblance in Daemon Targaryen

The hair of a fantasy character is one of its most identifying aspects, with male characters typically having shoulder-length or longer locks. Consider Henry Cavill’s dirty yet beautiful, silver shoulder-length hair in The Witcher. Because of all that inbreeding, Smith’s character in the Game of Thrones prequel, Prince Daemon Targaryen, has the platinum blonde hair associated with the Targaryen family name.

Fans have drawn clear parallels between the blonde hair of the Targaryen to our Geralt of Rivia and even Lord of the Rings legend Legolas. Some of the tweets by fans are.


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Some feel that Geralt is the best character in House of The Dragon.

Some other fans feel that the show has reused the Legolas wig on Daemon.

In a battle of the best blonde, fans feel Geralt takes the trophy.

Some believe Prince Daemon resembles a low-cost Legolas that your mother says is just as good as the pricey one.

Another fan feels a little bit lost after watching The Witcher and Game of Thrones.

One particular fan feels that House of the Dragon gives off a comic con vibe.


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Translation: “I watched House of the Dragon. It gives off a comic-con feel with a lot of shoddy Geralt cosplay, which is awful. What was there to be so silver-haired about?”


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The resemblance is entirely there, and fans were quick to spot and joke about it. The new HBO series is just one episode old, so many the look of Daemon Targaryen could change later in the season. But nothing is certain for now. Nevertheless, despite the similarities, all the shows and movies in question are incredible and have a massive fan base.

What do you guys think about the resemblance? Let us know in the comments.



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