Cobra Kai Actor Ralph Macchio Says This About the New Karate Kid Film

Published 01/24/2022, 8:00 AM EST

Netflix’s Cobra Kai has been one of the most successful and most-watched shows on the streaming platform. After Season 4’s New Year Eve release, fans are wondering when season 5 is coming to Netflix, or if this is the end of the show. Even Ralph Macchio, one of the major leads of the show, thinks that the show must end if there is any possible chance of a new film in the franchise.

Fortunately, Netflix has officially renewed the show for season 5 in August 2021. The production and filming of the highly anticipated season has already begun.


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Cobra Kai focuses on two rivals Daniel LaRusso played by Ralph Macchio, and Johnny Lawrence played by William Zabka and their respective dojos and students. With the show, we enter into the Karate Kid universe 34 years after the original the first film in the franchise.


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Ralph Macchio from Cobra Kai is open to make a new Karate Kid movie

Daniel LaRusso was the protagonist in the Karate Kid film in 1984. Following two more franchise films, the iconic character returned in Cobra Kai in 2018, picking up his rivalry with Johnny Lawrence after 34 years. In season 4 of the show, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence team up against John Kreese and his dojo to win in the All Valley Karate Tournament. But, in order to make the team stronger, Terry Silver joins Kreese.

As much as we love the new season of Cobra Kai, we would love another Karate Kid film. And turns out Ralph Macchio is not averse to the idea either.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Macchio says, “Seeing how well the series has done, I’d be silly if I said a new movie wouldn’t work, so I’m open to that. It has to be the correct content and production.”


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Can we expect the new film soon?

However, there is no concrete plan for a movie. The show is still on Netflix‘s priority lists, but there is no official announcement about a new film. In fact, Macchio feels the series needs to end before the movie can be made.

In the same interview, Macchio added, “Even if they say ‘Cobra Kai will never die’, the reality is that we need to finish this series in the right way. Hopefully, Netflix will give us the opportunity to finish it, and then other chapters will come in other ways.”


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So, can we expect a new Karate Kid film anytime soon? No. But the possibility of one in the near future is not entirely out of picture. That said, the priority for Netflix would be to wrap up the series, which may have further seasons in the cards because the confirmed season 5 hasn’t been announced to be its last.

While we wait patiently for the next film in the franchise, you can stream all seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix.



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