Christmas Without a Star? The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star Trailer Released

Published 10/23/2021, 9:00 PM EDT

Fans get ready for another film of The Princess Switch franchise, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star. The Princess Switch 3 is an upcoming American Christmas holiday rom-com film that will release on Netflix ahead of Christmas. Netflix has recently dropped the official trailer of this Mike Rohl directorial on their YouTube channel.

The story develops around Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy, who, with the help of their cousin Fiona, track down the thief who stole the Christmas relic. Fans can expect another great switch between the three sisters.


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The cast of Netflix’s The Princess Switch 3- who else is there other than Vanessa Hudgens?

Like the first two films, Vanessa Hudgens will be the star of the film. She will play a triple role as Stacy Juliette- Princess of Belgravia and Edward’s wife, Lady Margaret- Queen of Montenaro, and Lady Fiona Pembroke- Margaret’s cousin. “It wouldn’t be Christmas without a switch, or three starring Vanessa Hudgens, with Vanessa Hudgens, and Vanessa Hudgens.”

Remy Hii, as Peter Maxwell, will be added to the list. Other cast members like Nick Sagar as Kevin, Alexa Adeosun as Olivia, and Sam Palladio as Prince Edward, and even Mark Fleischmann, Mrs. Donatelli, Suanne Braun, and Frank De Luca are returning from the second The Princess Switch.

Hudgens told The Wrap that she will not be playing the fourth lookalike. “No, no, that’s just too outrageous. We’re already at max outrageous here with three characters, we’re just going to keep it at that. And I would 100% lose my mind if I tried to add another me, even though it would probably be Scottish [and] I love that accent and it would be a great excuse to master the Scottish accent. But no, that’s not happening.”

When will The Princess Switch 3 will be out on Netflix?

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star will premiere on Netflix on November 18th, 2021.

The plot of Netflix’s The Princess Switch 3

The Princess Switch 3 will be about another switch between Margaret, Fiona, and Stacy. In this film, a gift from the Vatican, the “star of peace” will be stolen from the palace. Both of the royal families will face a national issue.

Stacy and Margaret thought about who would be the best candidate to help them, which reminds them that, “If the police don’t have any leads, it’s up to us to come up with something they haven’t thought of. Someone who has a connection to the black market. We need a person who thinks like a criminal. The only person who comes to their mind is Fiona, a lookalike cousin of the Queen.” They informed their cousin Fiona, who has connections with the black market, to help them restore the “star of peace”.


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Given how the first two films have progressed, we can expect another Christmas miracle from The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star.

So, let’s sit tight for the triple role of Vanessa Hudgens and the ‘Christmas miracle’.


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