Christine Quinn’s Castmates Wary of Her New Friend in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 Got Their Fears Realized

Published 04/22/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

The Los Angeles estate market has become hotter, and the Louboutins appear to have climbed. And so has the drama at the Oppenheim Group in the less than five months since the last season of Selling Sunset aired. So how can we not have a new season of the hit reality TV show? But with a new Selling Sunset season 5 comes new additions to the cast, who bring a lot of drama.

And it looks like this season, other cast members are somewhat apprehensive of a particular friend of Christine’s.

Chelsea and Christine are the new BFFs in Selling Sunset season 5


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Chelsea and Christine quickly bonded over things like Balmain in the season opener. Some castmates are understandably hesitant to bring in an office ally for Christine. And their suspicions are confirmed when Chelsea labels their actions as “bully” and “mean girl.”

Christine seems to be really fond of Chelsea. She describes Chelsea as her “real-estate soulmate.” Vanessa and Christine have never been too friendly with each other, with Vanessa saying, “I’m not in high school, so I’m not going to be like, ‘I’m on this side,’ ”

And Christine said quite bluntly that if she doesn’t like someone’s energy, she doesn’t even bother to like them. “It’s difficult to support someone toxic,” she says. But this season, Vanessa and the other member became a little worried about the budding friendship of Chelsea and Christine.

Their friendship really started to bloom when Christine was enthusiastic about assisting Chelsea in setting up a meeting with her employer, Jason, who had previously sold a home to Chelsea’s husband, Jeff.

She didn’t take long to impress him with her knowledge and tenacity, and she spent no time attempting to blend in with the other Oppenheim girls.


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They looked dubious of her bond with Christine, which generated some conflict among the group, but despite the controversy, Chelsea stood up for Christine throughout the series.

Chelsea and Christine are still friends, for the record. “We talk almost every day and send each other memes,” Chelsea explains, “I try my best to keep my relationship with her separate from my relationship with the other girls.”


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Selling Sunset season five is currently streaming on Netflix.

Let us know if you too love the friendship and chemistry between Chelsea and Christine as we do.



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