‘Choose or Die’ Ending EXPLAINED: Did Kayla Turn Evil? Who Actually Won the Game?

Published 04/16/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

Netflix produces content ranging from easy mindless watches to ones that make you think. Choose or Die falls into the latter category. The movie really surprises and takes viewers aback, especially the film’s final act, which leaves us with an intense mystery. So this is us helping you. Take a look at our Choose or Die ending explained as we try to answer some of the biggest questions that the movie raised.

But before we try to answer your questions. Let us take a look at the key plot points from the film.

What is Choose or Die about?


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We meet Kayla (Iola Evans) in the film, a young programmer whose life isn’t going so well. Kayla works as a cleaner in a mystery office that is apparently occupied by a local company named Kismet, but no one has been there in a long time. Kayla’s brother drowned in a neighborhood pool lately, and her mother isn’t happy about it.

Kayla has only a single friend in the whole world Isaac (Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield). The film takes a dark turn when she discovers a copy of the text-based video game CURS>R, which offers a large prize to whoever completes it, thanks to Isaac. Even though the game appears to have been released decades ago, the phone line available to gamers who are curious about the big prize remains open, and Kayla is soon drawn into a disturbing world where the game forces her to choose how to make others suffer, with no choice but to complete CURS>R.

Now that we have brushed up on the film’s crucial details. Let us try to figure out what happened at the end of this twisted climax.

Choose or Die ending explained

Who wins?

In the climax of the film, we stumble upon the boss battle between Kayla and Hal. Hal’s wife uses the chance to try to put a stop to his reign of terror by shooting Kayla. But it isn’t enough, and Hal plays with Kayla by slicing his face before cutting his own neck.

On the other hand, Kayla survives the wound and drowns herself in Hal’s pool while her throat is bleeding, thereby drowning Hal. Kayla emerges victorious in the game, and Hal is finally dead.

But after winning the game, Kayla takes a darker turn.

Did Kayla turn bad?

Kayla harnesses the curse symbols for herself, using her coding skills and information from Beck’s CURS>R beta test videotape. By altering reality, she is able to compel drug dealer Lance (Ryan Gage) to murder himself with needles at the apartment complex.

After Lance is killed, Kayla rationalizes the act by claiming that sacrificing Lance freed her mother from his grip. This is a call back to Beck’s unsettling assertion that the curse might be a blessing.

Finally, as the movie begins to roll credits, Kayla gets a phone call from an old Beck working for Kismet. Remember the company employing her as the cleaner? Beck congratulates Kayla for beating the game. He says, “Yet somehow you managed to beat my game.”


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After this, Beck asks a simple question to Kayla “Who will suffer next?” and she replies in a chilling tone saying, “Only people who deserve it.”

Kayla now appears to be planning to utilize the curse to kill evil men like Lance via mobile phones, utilizing the curse’s outdated tech and symbol command prompts.


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It is a nice nod to a sequel or a spin-off for the film. Let us know if you liked the film or not?

Choose or Die is currently streaming on Netflix.



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