‘You weren’t supposed to speak from heart’- Back When Newbie Kanye West Revealed How Being Too Honest In the Interviews Affected His Image

Published 02/27/2023, 5:00 AM EST

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The name Kanye West and his iconography date back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Ever since the revolutionary rapper set foot in the industry, he has never seen a dull day. From producing his historic hip-hop singles to carving the future of the likes of John Legend, West has contributed a lot to modern music. Despite that, Ye gave the world a reason to find faults in him by apparently being brutally honest about his viewpoints on various things.

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While his anti-Semitic rhetorics and the unacceptable ‘white lives matter’ fashion spree may be recent additions to his record of some or other big and small controversial remarks, it was as early as 2004 when the Yeezy brand owner confessed that being too “honest” in the interviews came with a cost. He was already succeeding as a producer, but that year marked the debut of his very first album, College Dropout.


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Controversial enigma, Kanye West once ‘apologized’ to everyone For ‘keeping it so real’

Notably, his sonic sophistication and clever wordplay had critics dumbstruck in 2004 and as a result, West did a lot of interviews that year. In one such conversation, when the host asked how it feels to be on the cover of a magazine and have people react like that (people hooting in the background), West confessed- “nothing could prepare you.” 

He further went on to say if someone had sat down with him and told him, he might have known that “you weren’t supposed to speak from heart.” And that had cost him his image. The ‘Merci’ singer would cite that as the reason why people thought of him as an arrogant artist and so he apologized to everyone for “keeping it so real.”

Ye also talked about how he struggled with pitching his ideas for the music videos


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When the host further appreciated his music videos and asked how involved the Donda Academy owner was in the concepts of creating them, he proudly revealed that he comes up with his own ideas. However, it is not always easy to create the clips the way one wants them to be.

Ye explained his statement with an example of how he wanted to “accidentally” burn down the church in a music video for his song ‘Jesus Walks’, but all the 7 directors he approached discarded the idea. He eventually did produce a video song though and you can have a look at it above.


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