Best Shows Like Norsemen on Netflix

Published 02/01/2022, 3:45 PM EST

There is something about the stories of Norse mythology that drags us towards them. We absolutely love a good Scandinavian story told to us as a show. One such show is Norsemen on Netflix; telling the story of the Viking region, along with comedy rather than violence. The Norwegian comedy is undoubtedly one of the most fun watches out there, but sadly the show has been canceled after its season 3. That is the reason people are craving for more shows like Norsemen, and as always we are here to serve you.

Norsemen or Vikingane (as the Norwegian fans would know it) has sadly met its end, and everyone is looking for more Viking content. Well, lucky for you, Netflix has an abundance of it. So put on your helmets and draw your swords, because we are going on a fun and exciting ride. Stream these amazing Viking shows while you reminisce about Norsemen.



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You just cannot talk about Viking shows and not talk about the History Channel drama Vikings. Following the clan of Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, the show takes inspiration from the many tales of the Norsemen of the medical Scandinavia. The show is one of the most authentic depictions of Viking culture, religion, clothes, and everything. This historical drama is a perfect watch for you if you are craving some Game of Thrones-like content but in a Viking taste.

While the original show has ended, Netflix is coming out with a spin-off series soon titled Vikings: Valhall. So, we assure you a marvelous time if you pick up this show, and to add to that you will also have a spin-off to devour as soon as you finish it.


What would happen if you pick certain mythology from its original timeline and drop it in the 21st century? There is a Netflix Original show that answers just that! Ragnarok brings the mythological beings of the Nordic religion to life in a fictional small Norwegian town called Edda. With themes of pro-environmentalism and the effects of pollution, this is a really fresh take on mythology.

A wealthy family, called the Jutul, is the big bad of the series. They are not really human but jotun; the giants from the Viking legend trying to take advantage of the Human world. Meanwhile, a resistance force awakens when a local boy realizes he is the embodiment of the god of thunder Thor. A legendary tale told in a way that the modern world requires; Ragnarok is definitely a must-watch if you are looking for shows like Norsemen.

The Witcher

Even though The Witcher is not a show based on the Viking culture of Nordic mythology, it sure is a pretty great show if you wish to see action, drama, and political turmoil. It has its fair share of magic, mutants, and monsters, which will give you just the feeling of a mythological story. The world created by Andrzej Sapkowski is really vast and detailed, which makes the show a pretty immersive watch.

The story follows a mutant monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, who has a destined connection with a princess called Cirilla. While fighting monsters and traveling with his horse Roach & a bard Jaskier, Geralt must find Ciri. Meanwhile, the mage Yennefer of Vengerberg’s destiny brings her to Geralt and Ciri as well. With its season 2 right around the corner, this is the perfect time for you to binge on this Netflix Original.


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The Last Kingdom

A show that was supposed to be Netflix‘s answer to Game of Thrones; this is a pretty intriguing watch if you love Viking tales. Based on The Saxon Stories books written by Bernard Cornwell, the show explores the story of Uhtred, a fictional adopted son of Ragnar Lothbrok. The boy lives with the Vikings, while in reality, he is an English nobleman.


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The Last Kingdom sees Uthred go to the English courts and fight for everything that was robbed from him by his uncle.


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The Real Vikings


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While the TV series Vikings, was flaunting an immense success, the History Channel capitalized on it. A companion docuseries was produced that dived deep into the authentic stories from the Viking culture. With real historians, archaeologists, and other experts appearing in this series, the show is really very interesting for anyone who likes to learn about the history and culture of the Vikings.

This docuseries also treats the viewers with some behind the scene clips from Vikings, which is definitely a bonus.



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