Best Shows Like Imposters on Netflix

Published 01/29/2022, 4:30 PM EST

Imposters is a brilliant series, period. Season 1 of the series was absolutely iconic and although the second season wasn’t as good as the first one, it wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, after the sharp fall in its ratings, producers discontinued the drama-comedy series. There’s a chance Netflix might adopt the series and renew it, but those are just speculations. In either case, fans of the show are in need of something similar, so we’ve curated a list of shows like Imposters.

Netflix shows like Imposters


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Better Call Saul

Another series about a con artist, Better Call Saul has been airing since 2015 and has five well-received seasons so far. Better Call Saul is about ex-con artist Jimmy McGill, who transforms into his alter ego of Saul Goodman. Despite being borne out of McGill’s imagination and put to work, Saul is morally challenged, making the series infinitely more interesting.

The series rocks back and forth from Saul dealing with parking tickets to crimes like mass murder. With 5 seasons that fans absolutely adore, Better Call Saul is definitely a con artist show done right, not unlike Imposters.


Just like Imposters, Ozark is a show about a protagonist who attempts to build a connection while dealing with the legal consequences of his actions. Jason Bateman relocates his partner and two children from the city of Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. His attempt at money laundering goes awfully wrong. In the midst of the crisis, he tries re-building his connection with his wife and children.


If the strong female lead is what got you interested in Imposters, then Gypsy is just what you’re looking for!

This ten-part psychological thriller stars Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway, a seemingly normal therapist. The twist is that Holloway, unlike your average therapist, has the tendency to become obsessed with people in her patients’ lives. She cannot help but constantly risk getting involved with them, something that ends disastrously.


The plot of Impostors had a lot to do with legal conundrum, a trait it shares with Happy!


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This American drama-action-comedy has its origin in a graphic novel of the same name. The show Happy! on Netflix is about the intoxicated and corrupt ex-cop Nick Sax. After his career as a cop ended, Sax used casual murder as an escape. All things go wrong as Nick ends up with a bullet in his body, cops and gangsters on his tail, and a killer on the loose. But things take a turn for the better when Sax finds a tiny blue-winged horse named Happy.

Dirty John


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This true-crime anthology series shares many similarities with Imposters and many differences, keeping it fresh. Each season of Dirty John recounts a relationship that is promising in the beginning and later turns disastrous, through narratives of well-known cases.



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