Best of Kate Siegel Horror Thrillers on Netflix

Published 10/08/2021, 12:53 AM EDT

Kate Siegel is the muse of horror-thriller films. She is an American actress and a screenwriter who shares her passion for horror films with her husband, Mike Flanagan. From The Time’s Travelers Wife to her latest creation Midnight Mass, her characters have been traveling nonstop. Other films and series for which she has received positive critical acclaim are Oculus, Hush, Ouija: The Origin of the Evil, and the television series The Haunting of Hill House.


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Seigel and Mike have been consistently working with each other since Oculus. All their collaborations have a very particular thread that connects all their work. Both of them love to scare their fans to an extreme level. She considers the man she has been working with for so many years as a “genius” of horror genius.


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Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan are a couple who create thrilling and realistic horror films.


An exciting psychological horror-thriller film making its way to Netflix this month is Hypnotic. It is a Netflix original directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Cote. Hypnotic will stream on Netflix from October 27th, 2021. One of the most famous faces of Netflix horror films, Kate Siegel, is our lead protagonist. Hypnotic may not present Mike Flanagan, but it has our “scream-queen” Kate Siegel.

The story develops around a lady who has generalized anxiety disorders which are also affecting her life and stability. Hence, her friend advises her to visit a hypnotist. After a few sessions, she starts having disturbing dreams and blackouts, which eventually leads to her to kill innocent people.

The Haunting of Hill House

This horror series, yet another Flanagan and Kate Siegel collaboration, began streaming on Netflix on October 12th, 2018. The Haunting of Hill House is a different type of horror series, which does not allow the horror directly to come on the viewer’s face. It is more like a ghost that follows the character. The fear of the unknown is scarier.

Seigel recalls, “The reality of shooting a full day wearing gloves became very clear. Gloves get ruined really quickly by the moisture of your hands, the oils of your skin. It was hard to open drawers. Things like that. So, we quickly changed to these more cottony, less fancy gloves. I think that’s a really good metaphor for what I thought being an actress was like and thought it would be this beautiful, fancy, exquisite, rare experience to be a series regular on a TV show. I had been working towards that my entire adult life. Then, when you get there, the same way you were on set for the non-paying, non-union short is the way you will be on the major TV show.”

Midnight Mass

An isolated community experiences miraculous events, and omens related to a young priest who is behind all these. Midnight Mass, released on Netflix on September 24th, became an overnight sensation. This series is another Flanagan and Kate collaboration. Kate Siegel plays Erin Greene, who grew on this isolated island but ultimately moved back to the mainland. After a few years, she returns to her hometown to build a new life for herself.

Seigel explained, “Those beautiful shots that [cinematographer] Michael Fimognari would get where it was just natural light, none of that stuff is made after the fact in postproduction. Those sunrises and the rays through the clouds and the island looked like that. The quality of light to me, that’s what Midnight Mass will always be about.”


A deaf and dumb lady writer decides to live a solitary life in the woods, but her life turns when a masked killer appears at her window.

Maddie Young lost her ability to hear and speak at the age of 13. Following an unsuccessful surgery, she advanced her writing career after publishing her latest “Midnight Mass”. After she leaves New York City and spent her life in the woods, a masked killer with a crossbow makes Maddie his next victim.

This is another amazing masterpiece by Kate Siegel and Flanagan. Kate said, “I was really working through a time in my life where I felt like I couldn’t be heard. I wasn’t being taken seriously in my life and just felt like I’d lost my voice. Coming to that project, I tried to do a lot of turning my insecurities and my weaknesses into strengths.”


Oculus, released in 2013, is yet another Kate Siegel and Flanagan collaboration. It is a psychological horror film where a young girl is convinced that an antique mirror is responsible for all the miseries with her family.


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A young, happy couple with two kids move to a new home. Little did they know, an antique mirror in this home will ruin their happy family. The mirror induces hallucinations. Marie is haunted by the different hallucinations that her body is decaying, and a ghostly woman seduces Allan.

Seigel explains, “There’s a lot of physicality to Marisol because there’s very little to no dialogue. If you notice her arms, we turned her hands out the opposite way so it looked like a mirror reflection. When I was talking about what I wanted to do at the end there, I was referencing the curlicues of the mirror. I said, ‘I guess I want my arm to be like snaking around him.’ And they were like, ‘Snakey arm!’ I guess it just stuck.”


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The mirror possessed Alan and Marie. Both parents try to kill each other and their children. Marie briefly came to her senses but was shot by Alan.


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