As the SAG-AFTRA and Writer’s Protest Conclude, Will the Sequel for ‘One Piece’ Release Sooner Than Expected

Published 11/10/2023, 12:26 PM EST

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For years, fans were convinced that bringing an anime in live-action was a doomed proposition. Multiple franchises had tried their luck and failed miserably. However, on August 31, the perception of the anime fandom towards live-action series transformed completely. The release of the One Piece live-action series ended the years-long curse as the show took the series by storm. It became so successful that the streamer announced a new season mere days later.

The writer’s protests in Hollywood halted the production of many shows, including One Piece. However, now that the strikes have concluded, will the sequel be released sooner than expected?

Latest news about One Piece season 2


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Netflix green-lit production for a sequel within just two weeks since One Piece season one hit the screens. And since then, multiple exciting updates about the series have surfaced online. Among them, one was that the series had already hired writers and production would begin as soon as the protests ended. Interestingly, the SAG-AFTRA and Writer’s protests recently concluded, which means that the studio can start working on the sequel again.

Even in the best-case scenario, it will take more than a year for One Piece season 2 to grace the screens. Firstly, bringing the first season to life was massively expensive for the streamer. The reports suggest that each episode cost nearly $17 million for Netflix. Owing to the costs involved, it is justifiable that the creators want to take time with the production.


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Secondly, the year is almost over. A while ago, showrunner Steve Maeda confirmed that the scripts are not complete yet. He added that there are a handful of changes that need to be made before the studio moves forward with scheduling, design work, production, etc. Keeping in mind what Maeda said, it is likely that the sequel be ready for release by late 2024 or early 2025 at the earliest.

While fans await the release of a new season, the first installment continues to break records for Netflix.

The first season of the Eiichrio Oda series is still on a dominant run on Netflix


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Since its release, the One Piece live-action series has completely transformed Netflix’s history with live-action shows. The Eiichiro Oda series is a resounding success by all means and has remained to be Netflix’s biggest outing this year. As the show continues to rake up its viewership, the live-action series recently achieved another milestone for the streamer.

One Piece live-action has been on a dominant run for nearly 10 weeks since its release. Not only did the show break viewership records, it surpassed some of the biggest shows on Netflix including Stranger Things and Sex Education. Owing to the records, the second season is highly anticipated.


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