Army of Thieves vs Money Heist

Published 02/17/2022, 7:30 PM EST

If you were to pull off a perfect heist what do you think you will need? A plan? A crew? or maybe something else? Well, whatever it takes there is one Netflix movie series and one Netflix show that has shown the world how to get it done. So, it is natural that we need to pit both these creations against one another. Army of Thieves vs Money Heist is something we never thought we will be talking about, but destiny had other plans (or maybe Netflix did?). So here we are talking about two different groups of thieves and to see how they roll.

We need to compare both the movies and the show in a few different categories; just to give both of them a fair chance. So let’s just start humming the Bello Ciao tune and get on with it?

The score and motivation of the heist


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The first thing that every single person looks at while talking about a heist is money. First, let’s have a look at the Army films; all the four safes: The Rhine Gold, The Siegfried, The Valkyrie, and Götterdämmerung are estimated to hold a total of 150,000,000 million USD.

But then when we move to the country of Spain; home of the thieves in the red jumpsuits we have a different story. During the first heist in The Royal Mint of Spain, The Professor plans to not steal but print his own money which is around 2.3 billion USD. When we follow the Professor’s crew into the further seasons, they have bigger. They looking to take home 4.6 billion USD from The Bank of Spain, an absolutely crazy sum of money!

But what motivates these people? For both Ludwig Dieter and The Professor, the reasons are rather personal. Since Dieter is a devotee to the knowledge of safe-cracking, and also someone who is bad at keeping in touch with the other world; he finds himself the perfect opportunity when he meets Gwendoline. Both of them share a common dream of cracking the legendary safes of Hans Wagner.

While The Professor gets all of his motivation from his family. The first heist was carried out to avenge his father, whereas the second one was pulled off to bring back one of the members of the group.

Army of Thieves vs Money Heist: who got the better crew?

In the Army of Thieves, we see Ludwig Dieter invited by a group of international burglars in order to crack open the legendary safes of Wagner. Dieter finds himself to be a part of an adventure that is beyond his wildest expectations.

Meanwhile, Money Heist boasts a solid unit throughout the series; sure there are a few additions, a few subtractions (read deaths), and a number of double-crosses. But there always is a tight-knit squad running the show for The Professor.

The Law is out there, to catch them?

No matter how good a thief is, or how good their motives are; there always is one law enforcement officer who just won’t stop running after them. In Army of The Dead, we see Dieter and his group plan the whole heist during a zombie apocalypse in order to stay under the radar, but Interpol agent Delacroix just won’t give up trying to catch them.

While does seem like someone who will always have a trick up his sleeve to outsmart his opponents; he also finds himself troubled thanks to two women from the Law’s side. During the first heist, we see Raquel Murillo giving Professor a tough fight while Alicia Sierra gives him a run for his money in the later seasons of the Money Heist. But eventually, we see that he is able to turn both these women to take his side, all thanks to his heart and not the brain.

The challenges faced


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While the crews in both these creations are very talented, they do get to prove their worth while facing some unique challenges throughout the story. In Army of Thieves, we see that each of the safes is increasingly difficult to open, and as if that was not hard enough Dieter has to open the Siegfried while he is on a speeding truck!

Plans do not always work out the way you want them tom and Money Heist shows you exactly that. Things can go south in a matter of seconds, as everyone is going through some kind of challenge under the pressure of the heist. I can only imagine the blunder I would create if I was in one of these heists.


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Which of these two is the best work of fiction from Netflix created around the theme of Heist? Do let us know in the comments.


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