‘Archive 81’ Star Dina Shihabi Reveals Plans About Season 2

Published 01/24/2022, 7:30 AM EST

If Mike Flanagan’s horror films and series were not enough, Netflix has brought a new series. Based on a podcast of the same name, Archive 81 follows Dan, an archivist who takes up the job of restoring burnt videotapes. But he realizes there are mysterious cults and supernatural forces involved. Thus, the horror-loving fans want Archive 81 Season 2.

Although Netflix released Archive 81 on January 14, fans are waiting for season 2, as the series ended on a cliffhanger. Thus, actress Dina Shihabi who plays the role of Mendy Floras has some updates on season two. But, if you have not watched the series, you will have a hard time dodging all the spoilers. So, read at your own risk.

What lies ahead in Archive 81 Season 2?


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Dan and Mendy have swapped their dimensions at the end of season one. While Mendy returns to the present, Dan has traveled back in time in his attempt to save Melody. Thus, our only hope is to find some information about season 2 lies with Dina Shihabi. However, Dina’s response to the query on updates was: “Honestly, zero. And I think it’s probably because I’d be a bad liar if anyone asked me.”

Dina’s next words were not highly motivating as she said: “They haven’t given us any information at all. So we’re just in this no man’s land of waiting for Netflix to tell us if there’s a second season.” However, the actress knew exactly what she wanted from her character in season two. “I think I want to see her be really proactive and like go after things and take a stand in Season 2,” Dina said.

Melody and her mother’s fate in the next season

When Dina came back to the present, she found herself in the company of Dan’s best friend, Mark, and her mother, Julia Bennett/Bobbi. Thus, Dina also hinted at her new character trajectory in season two: “The mother-daughter witch stuff I’m excited about. That’s also cool, the possibilities of the power that she holds within her.”


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Since Melody has reunited with her mother, the duo could unlock Melody’s powers, as both are Baldung coven witches. Dina has already expressed her desire to “fight back” against the cult leader, Samuel. Since Samuel has not traveled through the portal, Mendy has time to prepare herself.

Fans can learn more about Mendy and her relationship with Dan in Dina’s interaction with Variety.


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Archive 81 Season 2 will give fans enough scares and drama to sustain. But, it all depends on whether Netflix renews the series for another season. Fans should at least wait for a month as Netflix will analyze and then decide.

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