“And the first thing she did….” Back when Amy Adam revealed that her daughter had a huge crush on Henry Cavill

Published 03/03/2023, 5:30 PM EST

Henry Cavill is a global phenomenon and enjoys a massive fan following worldwide. Despite the fact that Cavill is a very low-key person in real life, he is always in the limelight. Owing to the massive star the Enola Holmes actor is, it is hard to keep your cool when you are around him. And a similar incident happened when Amy Adams’ daughter first met the Man Of Steel. Adams, who plays Lois Lane, once recalled a hilarious incident when her daughter first encountered Henry Cavill on the sets of Man Of Steel in 2013.

We are no strangers to the fact that Cavill is an incredible personality on and off the screen. And unsurprisingly, it does not take much time for people around him to be in awe of the British star. Similarly, Amy Adams’ daughter Aviana was mesmerised to see the British actor. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Adams previously admitted that her daughter had a huge crush on the Man Of Steel star. Furthermore, the Batman Vs Superman actress recalled the first thing her daughter did when she met Cavill. Adams revealed, “She met him when she was a year and a half. And the first thing she did – She touched his booty when he wasn’t looking.”



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Soon after, Cavill turned around to ask Adams if it was her daughter, to which the actress nodded. The British actor had a hilarious reply as Cavill asked the actress if she trained her daughter to do that. However, Adams’ revealed how her daughter is not as excited when it comes to her character Lois Lane. In the same interview, she added that her daughter was not impressed on learning that Lois Lane and Clark Kent were an on-screen couple.

Did Henry Cavill and Amy Adams ever date off the screen?

The Man Of Steel and Lois Lane made an incredible pair on screen. Their relationship is amongst the most iconic comic book relationships there are. While the duo shared incredible chemistry on-screen, they never dated. However, both Cavill and Adams share a wholesome bond and are great friends. Not long before Cavill bid farewell to the Superman role, Adams revealed that she was excited about Cavill’s possible comeback to the franchise.


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