Amidst SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strike, a Thriller Produced for Netflix Will Be the Show Stopper at the Venice Film Festival

Published 07/25/2023, 7:15 AM EDT

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If there were one force capable of halting the production of massive banners like a maestro, it would undoubtedly be the WAG and SAG-AFTRA protests. Their demand to address AI-related concerns stems from a place of genuine goodwill. They are seeking to navigate the complex realm of artificial intelligence in the film industry. However, the repercussions of these protests are far-reaching, with screenings and film festivals facing potential disruptions.

The absence of stars gracing the red carpets will inevitably transform the film festival experience. Amidst the transformative changes sweeping through the film festival landscape, there is a glimmer of good news for Netflix. Stealing the spotlight at the 80th Venice Film Festival will be a Netflix thriller as the show stopper.

Netflix’s Riveting Thriller Takes Center Stage at Venice Film Festival

Get ready for the grand opening of the 80th Venice Film Festival with the Italian period drama Comandante. But stealing the show and commanding the spotlight as the ultimate showstopper will be none other than the Netflix production Society of the Snow, as per The Holywood Reporter. It is a survival thriller brought to life by the creative genius of J.A. Bayona. Set against the stunning backdrop of the 1970s, the film unravels the survival story of a rugby team whose fate takes an unimaginable turn when their plane crashes in the unforgiving Andes glacier.

J.A. Bayona, acclaimed for his work in blockbuster hits like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, now ventures into a fresh territory with his fifth film. This marks his first foray into the Spanish language. In the real-life ordeal, out of 45 passengers, only 29 survived.

Enzo Vogrincic, Matías Recalt, Agustín Pardella, Esteban Kukuriczka, and Tomas Wolf will lead the cast, carrying the incredible tale of courage and resilience. The film’s selection as the closing title at the prestigious Venice Film Festival heralds a remarkable achievement for Netflix.

As this Spanish Netflix production confidently holds its ground, the wrath of SAG-AFTRA has cast a shadow over several other US productions, leaving them in a precarious position.

US screenings come to a halt with SAG-AFTRA

The delicate balance between getting screened at the Venice Film Festival hangs in the air. These productions grapple with the challenges posed by the protests. In the ever-evolving landscape of film productions, Bradley Cooper’s Maestro and David Fincher’s The Killer find themselves in a unique position. They are straddling amidst protests and screenings.

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As these highly anticipated projects find their footing, there is a sense of anticipation surrounding their fate and potential screenings at the Venice Film Festival. The Zendaya-starrer Challengers, a tennis drama, had initially been slated to open at the prestigious festival, only to be replaced by the Italian period drama Comandante.

Lately, even Stranger Things starrer Matthew Modine showcased his unwavering support at the Galway Film Festival. He did not promote his movie The Martini Shots in lieu of his support towards the protest.

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