“Am I not supposed to do that?”: Culture Secretary of UK Confesses Sharing Netflix Password, Insists Streamer to Change Their Model

Published 05/21/2022, 5:30 PM EDT

We all have been guilty of sharing Netflix passwords. And even the streamer used to encourage it until recently. However, under new terms and conditions, the rampant activity of Sharing Netflix Password is deemed immoral. And so many of us who still take part in the process are doing this.

But how would you feel if a high-profile minister is doing the same as us?

Nadine Dorries also shares her Netflix password


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Nadine Dorries, the Culture Secretary, admits to infringing Netflix’s terms and conditions by sharing her login with persons outside her home. Dorries, 64, stated her account with the streaming site is shared by four individuals, including her mother.

Users must live together according to Netflix’s terms and conditions. She called the present subscriber structure “incredibly generous” when testifying before the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee. 

 “My mum has access to my account. The kids do.” she continued. Nadine goes on to say that her Netflix account can be used by many people, even in different countries. And while laughing, she adds, “Am I not supposed to do that?

Sarah Healey, DCMS permanent secretary, added that she had to pay for the more expensive version since her house had so many people watching it. However, Nadine still has faith in the streaming service, and she feels that they will not dump the model they have.


Will Netflix Password Sharing crackdown help in the streamer’s revival?

over 1 year ago

Instead, she feels that Netflix will go on with their reported plan of including advertisements in some plans. Nadine says, “They are probably going to change their model and adopt broad advertising.”

What are Netflix advertisements all about?


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Netflix warned staff in a recent memo that its lower-priced ad-supported tier might launch by the end of the year, a faster timeframe than previously stated.

Netflix executives have said that they will be introducing it in the last three months of the year. Netflix’s co-chief executive, Reed Hastings, informed investors that the business will look at the idea of launching an ad-supported platform.


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But not all need to worry about the ads.

Are you guys still sharing your Netflix password with someone else? Let us know in the comments.



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