Ali Wong Has the Perfect Reply for All the Misogynist Males With Women Breadwinners as Partners

Published 02/18/2022, 9:15 AM EST

The queen of comedy is back with her comments on real life. On February 14th, 2022, Ali Wong shed some light on an issue we are facing as women every day on her new stand-up special, Ali Wong: Don Wong. Netflix filmed and produce this special a way back in November 2021, but released it on Valentine’s Day. With her witty remarks, not all of us spend Valentine’s Day with mushy, romantic, and cheesy movies.

Instead, we related hard as she explored common life problems in her classic witty style. One of the many things she touched upon in her special is the constant misogyny that breadwinning women face from those around them. Turns out, the comedian has the perfect answer to their questions.

Ali Wong’s reply to misogynistic questions


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Woman often get a question about how our partner feels when they are the breadwinner of the house. Our society is still engaged in the chains of misogyny, where earning more than your male partner is questionable. Ali Wong is a prominent comedian with two specials on Netflix, titled Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, before the recent one.

We have also seen her acting skills in Always Be My Maybe, in which she also donned the hat of an executive producer. With all these different successful facets of her career, Wong is also a subject to such questions. Even worse, her husband Justin Hakuta often gets asked about his thoughts on Wong talking about him on her standup shows.

However, Wong has the perfect answer for them, which she doesn’t shy away from expressing as she wears her classic leopard print bodycon:

“My husband is at home, in the house that I bought. Telling time on the Rolex I got him for Father’s Day.”


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He doesn’t give a sh*t about what I say on the show,” she added, while describing her husband’s reaction to her show’s content. According to her, Justin is too busy living the life she dreamt of living to worry about her standup specials.


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What is Ali Wong: Don Wong is about?


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Ali Wong: Don Wong is the third special of Ali Wong on Netflix. In this show, Wong aggressively highlights her wildest fantasies, challenges faced by a monogamous couple, and how she really feels about single people. We always love her unique thoughts and her perspective.

Her new special is currently streaming on Netflix. Have you watched it yet? What do you think of her reply to the society’s age-old question?



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