Age and Height: The Criteria To Pick the Next James Bond, Why Was Henry Cavill Ruled Out Then?

Published 09/02/2022, 6:30 PM EDT

Henry Cavill will always be in the spotlight, whether he is having a movie or not. He is no doubt, one of the best actors to exist. Cavill has been the man who inspires tons of individuals worldwide with his physique and aura. Recently, rumours of Cavill possibly losing the role of James Bond were floating around but now it seems like The Man of Steel, is out of the race to become the next 007.

The hunt for the next Bond started when Daniel Craig announced his retirement from the role. Eventually, the search for Craig’s replacement has become a hot property, and the stories that evolve out of it are something the fans can’t seem to get enough of. Here’s why Henry Cavill lost the James Bond role.

Henry Cavill: Height and age not a fit for the next James Bond?


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Previously, Entertainment reporter Ross King had revealed the two requirements for the new 007.  One basis to select an actor for 007 was the height required for the role. Film producer Barbara Broccoli specified that the actor must have a height of more than 5’10, one criterion The Witcher star was a perfect fit for. Henry Cavill stands tall at 6’1 or 1.85 metres.

As per the second criterion, the creators of the film were looking to cast a younger actor for the role.

Daniel Craig stepped down from the role after 15 long years, so the creators are looking for someone who can play the role for a similar duration. “At the end of the day they want someone who will be Bond for the next three movies,” reported King. Ross King also mentioned that the new bond must be in their early 30s. This ruled out many fan favourite actors such as Henry Cavill and Idris Elba to Tom Hardy and Sam Heughan.


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Moreover, King also revealed, that an actor should fit both the criteria and none of the two were negotiable. So it is no surprise that Cavill is out of the equation and the reason? His age.


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Other potential candidates for 007

With the list of the next possible 007 greatly reduced, there are a few candidates who perfectly fit the criterion. One of them is British actor Nicholas Hoult. The actor is 6 feet 2 and 32 years old, perfectly suited for the role.


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Next in line is Bridgerton star, Regé-Jean Page. Page is 34 and stands at 5 feet 11. Some of the other viable actors considered for the role are Damson Idris and American actor Miles Teller who may be a little old for the role but you never know.

Who’s your choice for the next James Bond? Let us know in the comments below.



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