A Successful Launch on Netflix and Social Media Accounts Going Viral, Here Is All the Evidence of Fans’ Love for Heartstopper

Published 04/26/2022, 9:30 PM EDT

After its recent release on Netflix, Heartstopper has been the talk of the town. As amazing as the plot of the show is, that isn’t what is making fans adore the show so much. It is the cast of the series.

Fans of Alice Oseman’s webcomic have loved the characters of the book ever since its release. But, the release of the Netflix series has made them adore these characters even more. Not only does the cast perfectly depict the characters from the webcomic, but their working chemistry is also amazing.

Evidently, fans have fallen in love with the cast of the show, as is visible by their increasing social media following, pointed out by a Twitter user. This fan took screenshots of the cast’s social media accounts on March 16, 2022, when the first teaser trailer of the series was first released. They compared it with the current social media accounts of the cast, showing how much the release of the series has affected their following. Here are the numbers:


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Joe Locke (Charlie Spring)

The lead character of the Netflix Original has been seen everywhere. His increasing popularity is not just evident in his following, but also in the numerous interviews where fans just cannot get enough of his eloquence.


Kit Connor (Nick Nelson)

Despite the general love that the cast of Heartstopper has been garnering, Kit Connor stands out as the fan favorite. He portrays the role of Nick Nelson, an already charming character, even more lovable. Connor’s following has increased the most, making him the most popular member of the series.


Kizzy Edgell (Darcy Olsson)


Being Kizzy’s debut as an actress, her portrayal of Darcy has gotten this actress a lot of support from fans, as is evident by the 127k followers she has on social media.

Corinna brown (Tara Jones)


Although this isn’t Brown’s debut, the actress still saw a significant increase in her following. While her role in the movie My Murder (featuring John Boyega) was her first, the role of Tara in Heartstopper is where fans saw her for a larger period of time.

Yasmin Finney (Elle Argent)


Playing the role of Charlie’s close friend, Yaz is seeing her debut on the screens. Despite her being a newcomer through the series, Yaz had a significant fanbase earlier on TikTok, as well. Nonetheless, her popularity after the release of the Netflix series is evident from the tweet.


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William Gao (Tao Xu)


Another one of Charlie’s overprotective friends is Tao Xu, played by William Gao. The film is also Tao’s debut in the industry.


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Heartstopper is available for streaming on Netflix now!



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