7 MCU Characters That Are Near Perfect for DCEU’s Superman Henry Cavill

Published 09/09/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

Netflix’s poster boy for The Witcher, Henry Cavill, is making many headlines. Firstly, the fans still await confirmation of the star returning as Superman in the DCEU. Secondly, since Daniel Craig retired as 007, fans have been pitching his name for the role.  

There are rumors that he might join House of Dragon as Aegon and that MCU has already signed him on. The actor hasn’t issued any statement yet, but here are 7 MCU characters we think are perfect for the hunk.


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Captain Britain 

Brian Braddock or Captain Braddock derives his mystical powers from the Merlyn and daughter Roma’s Amulet of Right.

Henry Cavill can settle in easily as Captain Britain is tasked with protecting Earth 616.

What about Henry Cavill as Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman has already hung up his Wolverine claws years back with Logan. Now we think Henry with his acting chops, physique, and rage that he displayed in The Witcher is perfectly poised to take on that role.

In fact, he was rumored to play the mutant in Captain Marvel 2


Since Cavill’s return as Superman is still up in the air, maybe he can play Superman’s counterpart, Hyperion.

Both of them have super strength, speed, durability, flight, x-ray vision, and enhanced senses. But Hyperion is widely regarded as the antagonist.

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The Sentry 

The Sentry is one of the most conflicted characters in Marvel. He has godlike superpowers and also has a dark alter ego, The Void.

Henry Cavill can play both the good and the bad and add more tension.

Wonder Man 

Cavill can also play the Superhuman Wonder Man who gained his powers from chemical and radiation treatments.

Nathen Fillion was originally cast in the role of Guardians Of The Galaxy Part 2. Since there are no further reports, Cavill can fill in for the upcoming series. 

Henry Cavill as Mephisto 

Speculations about Marvel’s devil lord, Mephisto had arisen during Wanda Vision. But the character didn’t make its debut.

We think it’s high time that Cavill brings in his A game and plays the sexy all-powerful villain, Mephisto. 


Who better to play the Greek God of War than our very Greek god, Henry Cavill?


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Ares is a villain that opposes his brother Hercules, Thor, and the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. 


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Which character do you want him to play?




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