5 Storylines Featuring Deadpool and Spider-Man That We Would Love Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland To Bring to Life in the MCU

Published 10/04/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest franchises of superhero films and series to ever exist. Over the years, through various new releases and sequels, MCU has promoted the superhero genre to become one of the most popular film genres there is. Amongst the various iconic characters in the franchise, we have seen several superhero crossovers such as Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War or in Avengers: Infinity War where several superheroes came together. However, one pair that would make quite a team is, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Tom Holland’s Spiderman.

Deadpool and Spiderman are the ultimate dream team for the Marvel fandom, they are like two sides of the same coin. Apart from sharing similar red superhero outfits, the two characters are incredibly hilarious and joke endlessly. Moreover, the two have incredibly strong combat skills. While Spiderman does not kill his enemies, the Merc with a Mouth, on the other hand, brutally thrashes his enemies with guns and katanas. Whether they be heroes or villains, team-ups are always iconic. While the duo shares a rich history in comics, we have not witnessed them together on screen. So, here are five storylines featuring Deadpool and Spiderman that would be exciting to watch.


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Five storylines featuring Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland that the Marvel fandom would love

Symbiote Dinosaurs

Symbiote Dinosaurs was the series finale of the final issue of Cable and Deadpool. Deadpool accidentally releases an army of Alien symbiotes plus dinosaurs, possessing a terrifying threat upon New York. Furthermore, the deadly VENOM SYMBIOTES have multiplied.

This was the chance for the Merc with a Mouth to prove himself as a worthy superhero. With such a huge number of enemies to fight, Spiderman and Deadpool team up to take down this army of symbiote-bonded dinosaursA gripping storyline and a chance to witness the two superheroes pair up to showcase their incredible combat skills sounds like a win-win deal for both the franchise and the fans.

Deadpool Time Travels Into an Old Issue of Spider-Man

In one of the classic issues of Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth and his mother figure Blind Al accidentally get sent back in time. Interestingly, they land up in the 1960s Amazing Spider-Man issue. Using an image inducer Deadpool to look like Peter Parker and Blind Al as Aunt May.

Despite a minimal interaction between the two, by the end, both the characters team up to face off the long-time Spiderman villain, Kraven. Seeing Ryan Reynolds pretend to be Peter Parker would be hilarious if it ever happens.

Peter Parker’s terrifying dream

Deadpool is famous for always breaking the fourth wall. In one of the classic crossovers, Deadpool breaks into Peter Parker’s dream to protect him from an outside threat. Imagining Ryan Reynolds breaking into Tom Holland’s dream make things even more exciting.

Furthermore in the issue, Deadpool ends up shooting some of Peter’s high school bullies while Parker yells at him to stop. What seems like a noble cause on Deadpool’s part turns out to be something much eviler. Deadpool has a deal with the villain, Hustler. Interestingly when he is asked to kill Peter Parker, he has a last moment change of thought as he spares Peter’s life.

Cult of Entropy

The time when Deadpool takes Spidey on a mission in Bolivia to protect a city from a cultist group of supervillains. While the mercs take down cult soldiers, Deadpool and Spiderman face off against two super-strong villains, Styx and Stone. This fight turns out one of the toughest fights for the two heroes as at one point, both Spiderman and Deadpool have to flee.


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Towards the end, Deadpool is so badly injured that Spiderman has to carry him on his back. Well, Ryan Reynolds’ impressive katana skills and Holland’s combat expertise against the Cult of Entropy are enough to leave the fans at the edge of their seats.

Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland: Roles reversed?

This story features the infamous Spiderman villain, Chameleon, who pushes Spiderman’s buttons driving the hero insane. Furthermore, Chameleon catches Spiderman off-guard, constantly troubling the hero, to an extent where the Merc with a Mouth has to come to help out the webhead. What is interesting is when the two switch costumes to beat the villain at his own game


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