1.6+ Million Fans Sign Petition to Renew ‘Anne With an E’ for Season 4, Demand Netflix to Elaborate on Anne’s Queen Life and Ka’kwet Storyline

Published 04/16/2022, 7:30 PM EDT

Anne With an E is a comedy sitcom from Canada. Moira Walley-Beckett, who previously worked on Breaking Bad and Flesh and Bone, has adapted the series. The show received a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics when it first aired, with many characterizing it as a fun and fresh take on the classic Anne of Green Gable narrative. However, fans of the show were left heartbroken in 2020 when Anne with an E season 4 was canceled.

But it looks like fans are trying their very best to bring back the series. What’s more? They are very close to doing so.

Petition to bring back Anne with an E season 4


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Lately, it has been proven that if fans want, they can bring back a movie from the dead. Zack Snyder‘s Oscar-Winning Justice League is a testament to this. So, now people have reunited once again, asking Netflix to bring back Anne with an E.

Fans have started a petition to bring back the hit show for a fourth season.

The petition says, “The whole ka’kwet storyline and Anne’s Queen life and obviously how shirbert develops! So let’s hope this petition catches the eye of Netflix and they decide to renew the show for season 4!”

The petition currently has 16,22,332 signatures, and if it gains 13,77,668 more, it will become the top petition on Change.org

Some of the reasons for signing the petition are:

  • “I swear I can’t sleep without knowing what happens. Its just so sad to not be able to see something that you’ve poured your heart into for a long time”
  • “This show is life changing”
  • “I LOVE THIS SHOW! They can’t just cancel this great show.”

It is great to see that people are ready to fight for their favorite shows. Anne with an E is not the only canceled show that inspired fans to come together with a renewal request. Fans of Julie and Phantoms are at it too. Moreover, Netflix’s Lucifer was once canceled by its parent network before fan uproar led to Netflix picking the show. And with the petition crossing its halfway mark. Who knows? Netflix might bring back the series after all.

Why was the series canceled?

It was really confusing for fans when a show as popular and successful as Anne with an E was canceled. But to the fans’ assurance, the shows’ cancelation had nothing to do with the quality.


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Anne with an E  was discontinued after discussions between the Canadian broadcaster CBC and the streaming service Netflix fell through


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It was really tragic for the show to have ended with the immense potential it had. But things might turn out the way fans’ wanted after all.

Are you a fan of the show? And have you signed the petition? Let us know in the comments.



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