From George Michael to Daft Punk, How ‘The Crown’ Offered Fans a Complete 90s Fiesta

Published 11/18/2023, 7:31 AM EST

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It takes a solid team of actors and directors to come together and weave a narrative that blows people’s minds. And one perfect song or background score to elevate the seriousness of the same. Netflix’s The Crown understood the assignment really well. Beyond its acclaimed casting and nuanced handling of royal controversies, the first part of season 6 is getting praised left and right for its impeccable choice of songs. That too groovy 90s hit.

There is no doubt that the 90s anthems have woven a tapestry of nostalgia and emotional depth that also has contributed to captivating the fans even more. With that, let’s look at the hits that made their way to the latest installment.

 The Crown hits that transport you back to a 90s party


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To begin with, music has always been central to the show, often encapsulating the emotions of its characters and the ongoing themes. Whether it was Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret vibing to ‘Beggin’ by The Four Seasons in Season 1 or Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s dance scene on ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ rendition in Season 4, the show is rife with moments where music enriches the narrative. This season was no less, seamlessly integrating the prowess of George Michael and the electronic music band Daft Punk, further enriching the storytelling.

1. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

Season 6 opened, with Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana’s car entering the tunnel where the crash occurred. While fans did not appreciate the representation of it, claiming it was misleading as to how Prince Harry explained the happenings, the choice of the song, ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba fit exactly well. From the witness, the story rolls back to eight weeks before the car crash where Diana was the driver taking the two princes to the Prime Minister’s house.

“I get knocked down, but I get up again,” the lyrics fit well to the scene in question, beautifully encapsulating the stiff Royal backdrop in the show. 

2. Fastlove by George Michael

One of the grooviest 90s numbers, ‘Fastlove’ appears when Lady Di is seen taking her boys to a vacation in Paris, France. While it does add a fun vibe to the scene, the song selection could also be a cheeky nod to the People’s Princess’ long friendship with the ‘Careless Whispers’ singer. Not only this, even the song, ‘Spinning the Wheel’ made to the show when the Queen inquires as to what Princess Diana is up to again in the South of France.

Even the singer has cherished his friendship with the late Princess, who made him “feel like an ordinary person,” throughout the course of their friendship.


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3. Walkin’ on the Sun by Smashmouth

Having had their iconic songs ‘All Star’ and ‘I’m a Believer’ in the animated feature Shrek, nobody could have imagined their fun songs to debut among the seriousness of The Crown. However, the 90s punchy and highly infectious track, ‘Walkin’ on the Sun’ found its place in the show. The song was seen to be playing when Princess Diana, her sons, and Dodi Fayed were seen swimming one after the other on Fayed’s yacht.

While it beautifully captured the liveliness of the show, it also fit well the theme of a new relationship in Princess Diana’s life.

4. Da Funk by Daft Punk


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Though Daft Punk’s split back in 2021, crushed the hearts of many, their music still finds its place in many iconic movies and shows like Iron Man. And this time, their song, ‘Da Funk’ landed on The Crown. The song made its appearance in the second episode that shows two photographers in contrast: one with a hunter approach Mario Brenna and another Duncan Muir with a hustle approach to capture the royal family.

The song plays with Brenna explaining his ‘hunter approach’ and then even juxtaposing to the later half where he was seen clicking pictures. The vibey charm captures the spirit of his hustle approach quite well.


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Indeed, the latest season is nothing less than a 90s treat for the fans. Which is your favorite song from the list? Let us know in the comments below.



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