Netflix announces its biggest fan event, Geeked Week 2022 in summers, What are fans expecting?

Published 04/19/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

This summer, Netflix Geeked Week 2022 will give additional previews of the most anticipated forthcoming geeky episodes and movies on the big red streaming monster. Stranger Things season 4 and Umbrella Academy season 3 appear to be the most anticipated shows. So it’s time to gear up and mark your calendars cause no one wants to miss this year’s event.


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Netflix Geeked Week 2022

For anyone who missed it last year, Geeked Week is Netflix’s massive Comic-Con-style simulcast. Every day, a few hours of live-streamed events teased fresh facts about the streaming service’s most popular geeky shows and brands.


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In an email to the press on April 18, Netflix announced Geeked Week 2022. They are encouraging people to mark June 6-10 on their calendars. The streams (which are available for free on Netflix’s social media and YouTube) usually take place in the mid-afternoon (Eastern time).

Although the poster does not include all of the major assets available. It contains more than enough iconography to pique people’s interests.

What can we expect from Netflix Geeked Week?

It does take you a few minutes to recognize all the clues in the poster. But once you do, you can not help but be excited about this event. Some of the major projects teased by Netflix in the poster are.

The Umbrella Academy

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is teased by an umbrella and a sparrow.  Geeked Week 2022 will come at the perfect moment. Elliot Page‘s comeback to Netflix is set for June 22, just a few weeks after the event.  For that window, a large trailer makes a lot of sense.

Stranger Things

A big red skull wearing a Hellfire Club baseball cap is largely a sign for those who have been paying particularly careful attention to Stranger Things. The Hellfire Club was the title of the opening episode of the new season of Stranger Things, a reference to Hawkins’ Dungeons & Dragons organization. A 20-sided die reinforces the tidbit.

A white outline of a walkie-talkie with a speech bubble popping out of it is a more subtle nod to Stranger Things. It makes sense for Netflix to focus so heavily on Stranger Things after its trailer has been doing so well.

Resident Evil

The pair of tablets is the next clear hint on the poster. Each has The Umbrella Corporation’s logo from the Resident Evil games on it.

This is most likely a reference to the live-action Resident Evil Netflix series, which will premiere on July 14th, a little over a month later. It would be best if there was a debut trailer for the series.

Locke and Key


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The next clue in the poster is a key with a skull on it, which might be a reference to Locke and Key.

One Piece


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Also if you pay attention at the top right corner just next to the dates is the logo of One Piece. For the longest time fans of the anime have been waiting for a teaser or a trailer for the live-action adaptation of the show. Maybe we will get our first look at the series.

Are there any clues that we have missed? Share your discoveries with us in the comments below.



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