What Is A Little Sacrifice From ‘The Witcher’? The True Story Behind ‘Sirens of the Deep’ Anime From Witcher World

Published 11/04/2023, 6:33 AM EDT

The expansion of the Witcher world with anime adaptations, despite Henry Cavill‘s exit, has made the fandom hopeful. Following the Netflix series’ success, Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels once again inspired the expansion of The WitcherVerse. Apart from the fourth season of the Netflix Original, and a prequel, The Rats, there is an anime movie, The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep in the making. However, there are a few questions about the adaptation in progress.

It is well-known news that the upcoming anime took inspiration from Sapkowski’s short story, A Little Sacrifice. But what is the real story behind it? Who and why made the sacrifice?

The original story behind The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep, inspired by A Little Sacrifice


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A Little Sacrifice is a short story in the Sword of Destiny that tells the tale of people belonging to two different worlds. It goes on about Agloval, who is a prince of the seaside province of Bremervoord and is desperately in love with Sh’eenaz, the siren. Because of an obstacle, the prince hires Geralt to help him with the negotiation. Despite Geralt’s brilliant command over The Elder language, he fails to convince Sh’eenaz to give up her life in the ocean.

Now, as the negotiations fail, Agloval refuses to pay the White Wolf. Instead, he asks him to investigate the puzzling deaths of several local sea divers. This leads to the discovery of an unknown race living undersea, igniting a war between the people and the race underwater. On the other hand, during his investigation, joined by Dandelion, Geralt comes across Essi Daven, who develops feelings for him. However, Geralt does not reciprocate and ultimately tells her the truth before parting ways. 


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While Sh’eenaz mysteriously intervenes and ultimately decides to sacrifice her life in the sea to stop the war, Essi Daven dies of smallpox in Vizima. Dandelion buries her with her lute and the blue pearl that he chose for her. Taking inspiration from this heartwarming story, the anime spin-off is proceeding ahead to serve fans. So, what else do we know about the spin-off in the making?

The WitcherVerse expands with an anime spin-off film

In the third season of the Netflix drama, Ciri singing ‘A Little Sacrifice’ actually hinted at the anime feature. The streaming giant remained silent, but Redanian Intelligence shared a cryptic update on its X (former Twitter) account. Indicating the creation of The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep, the media house teased the progression of the anime in the making. Till now, Christina Wren playing the role of the bard Essi Daven has been confirmed.


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Moreover, the composer of Shadow and Bone Joseph Trapanese is also officially on board to create a melodious score for the anime. The showmaker, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, is once again going to be an executive producer in the most-awaited anime as well. Although there are no more official details revealed, the Korean Studio Mir is once again involved in making the film.


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Until further details, tell us about your expectations from the upcoming anime. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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