5 Things We Want to Know About ‘The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep’ at Netflix Geeked Week

Published 11/09/2023, 3:18 AM EST

The Witcher world has been expanding to satisfy the curiosity of fans and take them deeper into the magical world. With a spin-off in the making, the WitcherVerse is also introducing another anime adaptation based on a short story, A Little Sacrifice. With The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep ready to take the audience deeper into the world, Netflix has kept fans on their feet with the Geeked Week where there will be more information about the upcoming shows and movies.

Amidst all the curiosity, there are 5 major things we all want to know about the forthcoming spin-off in The WitcherVerse.

Netflix Geeked Week to reveal 5 major things about The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep


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Fans, hold your breath for the 10th of November when at Geeked Week, there will be major announcements about the spin-off in the making.

Voice Actor for Geralt

The anime has been in the making since Henry Cavill was a part of Netflix’s The Witcher. Therefore, this revelation is important if the British actor will be back or if it is going to be Liam Hemsworth, who took over Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series.

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There is one more candidate, Doug Cockle, who voiced the character in the video games. Are the anime creators going to choose among these actors or they have chosen a new cast for the role?

Rest of the Cast

We already know Christina Wren will voice Essi Daven along with Joey Batey, reprising his role as Jaskier. But who is going to voice the other characters like the mermaid, Sh’eenaz, and Prince Agloval?


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Who is the director of the spin-off?

With the confirmation of Studio Mir, we got to know that it was really going to happen as the studio was involved in the precious anime film’s creation as well. However, Netflix never revealed other details about other important aspects like the director till now. Is the Nightmare of the Wolf director Kwang Il Han coming back for another one?

Moreover, who wrote the script? There are several questions about the creative aspects of the forthcoming anime. Therefore, we want to know who is going to put their vision of the beautiful original tale into the anime spin-off.

When can we see it on our screens?

One of the major updates all fans want to know is when they can finally see the final production on their screens. At the Netflix Geeked Week, we will get the final answer for the same. Given the spin-off has been under production for quite a long time, is it going to land on the streaming giant soon?

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Do we still have to wait more to witness yet another adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s work? We can not wait to find out!

When can we finally expect the first looks?

Having the first gaze at your favorite films or series can at least give you something more to imagine! Therefore, after making us wait for a long time now, we can expect the first look at maybe the teaser trailer or some snaps from the series on Friday itself.


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From Friday’s session, we can expect all this information to finally see the light of the day. Although The Rats, a prequel to The Witcher, has been in the post-production stage for months now, there will not be anything about its status. Moreover, updates about the fourth season of the Netflix series will also have to wait for a little longer. Therefore, the current focus of Geeked Week is The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep only.


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Are you also excited to know more about these details like us? Drop your expectations in the comments below.



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