Yeezy Makes a Comeback With $565,000,000 Worth of Pairs Sold, Fans Support Kanye West’s Win

Published 07/24/2023, 8:30 PM EDT

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Kanye West has rewarded himself for the hard work on his brainchild Yeezy with euphoric results. The 46-year-old American rapper is dealing with some after-effects of his past controversies. But this entrepreneur knows how to turn things around. The ‘Donda’ singer, who constantly strives to keep his passions going, has reached a major milestone with his luxury fashion label Yeezy. Adidas, which pulled out of the collaboration in 2022 due to Ye’s anti-Semitic remarks, left $1.3 billion worth of shoes unsold. 

But in recent news, things are going uphill for the rapper. The German sportswear company renewed its deal with Yeezy to sell a gigantic number of unsold pairs in August this year. And in an overwhelming response from Yeezy fans, Donda Times reported on Twitter that the order charts have gone off the rails. Adidas reportedly got an order worth more than $565,000,000 million for 4 million pairs of unsold Yeezy. This exceeded the company’s “most optimistic forecast.” This gives new hope that no Yeezy pair will go into the trash. This is not only good for the environment, but also a new sense of satisfaction for Ye too. 


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The company’s rerun for sales came with a noble cause. At a time when people are making environmentally conscious plans, Adidas has decided to sell unsold pairs instead of disposing of them. Not only that, they have decided to send all the proceeds to charitable organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. They want to please the people who were hurt by his public statements.


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While this is a big win for West, the fans on Twitter assembled in his support too.

Fans support Kanye West and his invention and are back as if they had never left

The fans had much to rejoice about too. Getting together on Twitter, the Donda Academy owner got unwavering support. They commented how he won amidst all the controversies and that he will always be a winner. While some had interesting suggestions for him, others just called him King.

And pointed out how Adidas needed to thank West for the contribution.

Several concerned Ye fans gave him advice too.


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While others sat back and enjoyed the show, very well knowing Ye’s potential.


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