Yeat Caught in Cross-Fire as Fans Debate Kanye West vs Drake for a Song Release This Week

Published 10/04/2023, 6:18 AM EDT

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On one hand, Taylor Swift‘s exciting blooming romance with Travis Kelce shook the music world up. And on the other, hip-hop lovers can not wait for their favorite rappers to drop music as soon as they can. Some of the big names like Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and several others have their projects in the pipeline, all hopefully to see the light soon. Amidst these big names, another name that got caught up recently was Yeat.

The rap moguls have been making fans wait for new music. Drake is set to release his album, ‘For All the Dogs,’ on the 6th of October. While the Chicago rapper has been on a tour with his wife, Bianca Censori, his new music has been making rounds here and there. And finally, there is Yeat who might release his album, LyfëStyle on the 27th of October. Amidst all this, there came a question, “If they all dropped Friday, who’s getting first listen?”: Kanye West, Drake, or Yeat.


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While Ye and Drake’s albums have been getting release dates back and forth, Yeat too got caught up in the heat. With two albums set to release in October, if Ye’s album is released too, then it will be nothing less than a treat of rap lovers. Amidst this restlessness, fans can do nothing but wait and try to keep themselves calm.


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Looking at the discussion, it seems they are not able to contain their excitement. If any of their favorite rappers from Ye, Drake, or Yeat, would drop new music on the coming Friday, who would they choose to listen to first?

Fans choose their first listen among Drake Kanye West and Yeat

Despite starting way later than Drake and Ye, Yeat became famous for his distinct language in his songs. Therefore, when fans had to choose between the rappers, they included this young artist as well. However, a handful of X (formerly Twitter) users were surprised to see Yeat in the discussion. They expressed their shock loudly.

Despite the shock, Yeat’s loyal fans chose him amidst the jokes others pocked at the rapper.

Do you remember how Drake overpowered Ye on the list of 50 Most Streamed Hip Hop Albums? Well, in the same way, he is the #1 choice of his fans.

But the ‘Donda’ creator’s fans consider him the GOAT. Therefore, they definitely would do for Kanye West and no one other than him.


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However, this is a never-ending debate, as fans always choose who they can connect with. While these fans take their pick, whose side are you on? Whom are you going to listen to first? Tell us in the comments below.



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