Ye’s Collaboration With Ghostface Killah Sets for Launch Amidst Nearing Date for ‘Vultures 2’

Published 04/29/2024, 9:49 PM EDT

For avid fans eagerly awaiting Ye's (formerly known as Kanye West) highly anticipated release of 'Vultures 2,' there is yet another reason to stay tuned. Despite prolonged delays and ongoing feuds within the hip-hop community keeping fans on edge, the latest update from the Atlanta rapper is sure to intensify anticipation even further. While speculation may redirect attention to the infamous Kendrick Lamar- J. Cole confrontations based on recent events in the rap scene, the update pertains to an upcoming collaboration between the rapper and Ghostface Killah.

According to recent reports, a collaboration between these hip-hop icons is poised for launch in the not-too-distant future.

Ye and Ghostface Killah’s upcoming track gets a release date


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When Ye pledged a musical comeback, few fans anticipated the rapper's multi-faceted approach. While many awaited the release of his three-part album, Ye surprised fans by taking on various roles, such as producing Rich the Kid’s ‘Life’s a Gamble’ and re-entering the rap scene by instigating a rap feud. Continuing to defy expectations, Ye is now preparing for another surge of fresh music, this time alongside his longtime collaborator, Ghostface Killah. The track, titled ‘No Face’, is set to drop on May 9th.

The update came after Ye’s fan pages on X began dropping hints for the track with screenshots from an alleged fan interaction with the rapper’s manager, John Monopoly. The track, slated for release, is under the production of Ez Lpee and Backpack and is supposed to coincide with the date for Ghostface Killah’s upcoming album’s release date. While this is not the first collaboration by Ye to make a sudden surface in recent times, it is surely one reason to keep an eye out for something new. 

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For fans, however, it is one of the many triggers to reestablish their demands and the urge is not for this track but for the much-anticipated ‘Vultures 2’.

Fans renew their demand for Ye’s Vultures 2 following collaboration update with Ghostface Killah

The current hip-hop scene is abuzz with speculation and excitement, with one name resonating above all: Ye. Typically, news of his music sparks undeniable enthusiasm among his followers, but this time, the update only served to reignite their longing for the delayed ‘Vultures 2’. Consequently, despite the news of new music, fans remained steadfast in their singular demand—the release of ‘Vultures 2’.

Many fans were deeply engrossed in the news of new music and had questions largely pertaining to it. However, a few others remained committed in their anticipation of ‘Vultures 2’ regardless. 


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The trend of every Ye update prompting a flood of requests from fans for the release of ‘Vultures 2’ is nothing new. However, in recent times, this fervor has intensified even further. Though the album is scheduled for release on May 3rd, the lack of recent updates surrounding it has left fans concerned. Nevertheless, since no contrary update has been provided, it seems reasonable to anticipate the album's release on the speculated day. To top it off, with Ye's collaboration with Ghostface Killah also set for release in May, fans now have twice the reason to celebrate.


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Are you excited about Ye and Ghostface Killah's upcoming track, scheduled for a release in May? Let us know in the comments below!



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