Willow Smith Shares a Series of Memes Sending Out Important Message on Her Instagram

Published 06/21/2023, 5:30 PM EDT

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For today’s generation, memes are certainly a medium to have heart-to-heart conversations. People often tend to associate their whole life with someone based on the memes they share. And it seems like Will Smith’s younger daughter, Willow Smith, understands this well. Ever since the infamous slap-gate controversy, and the after-effects the family has faced, she has been more open about mental health than ever.

And today, on June 21, 2023, the ‘Coping Mechanism’ songstress chose a series of memes to post on her Instagram stories, advocating the importance of mental health in the best way possible. And we bet you will identify with what she has to say.

Willow Smith advocates mental health by posting memes on her Instagram


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This coming from a person who would form a band called The Anxiety with Tyler Cole back in 2019 shall not be a surprise. Well, turning difficult emotions into art and then laughing at them or embracing them perhaps runs in the blood. So comes our first meme through which she would suggest her fans stop (over)thinking in order to be truly happy.

In yet another story, she would then show a way to cut down the ever-emerging thoughts. By sharing a post from monk/teacher, Cory Muscara, she invites her fans to delve deeper into the practices of meditation and surrender themselves to the path of wisdom.


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Willow Smith would then go on to share another meme suggesting that she is just done with it; Done with the “being born” perhaps and “the existential trauma of being alive in general,” on which she has also created an entire album, ‘Coping Mechanism.’

Lastly, the 22-year-old would urge her fans to embrace the harsh truths rather than the toxic positivity.

Notably, Willow Smith has been open about such vulnerabilities all her life. For instance, in her January 2023 interview with Vanity Fair, she talked about it at length.


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The singer has been advocating such thoughts for a long time

Back in January, while interviewing with Vanity Fair for her best-ever album, Smith would talk about what is her fifth studio album about. She would then say that life is not easy for anyone and society is always at odds with your growth. The songstress would further confess that earlier she “made a mistake of identifying too much with” anxiety, but now she has learned to embrace it.


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Furthermore, speaking of vulnerability, she said it is “one of the first steps to opening your heart to people and letting them know that they can be vulnerable too. Because being vulnerable is power, I think.” And now, through memes and art, Smith is perhaps contributing to letting people know they are not alone.

What are your thoughts about the series of memes shared by her? Let us know in the comments below.



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