Who Has Won the Most Grammy Awards Ever? Where Do Kanye West and Taylor Swift Stand on the Star-Studded List?

Published 12/03/2023, 2:06 AM EST

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The musical universe, being in constant flux, has witnessed the back-and-forth resurgence of many artists and genres. Many maintained their primacy in the record industry while few were struck by a blow with time. However, the legacy to retain, preserve, and accentuate their talent has been always in observance from the award seasons. Among the many prestigious honors, the Grammy Awards has been acknowledged for reckoning and showcasing the achievements of musicians since 1959.

In popular culture, bagging Grammys has been synonymous with success. While 2023 has been a battleground for many artists, the competition has been steep between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. To document the journey akin to West and Swift, here are the top artists with the most Grammys.

Kanye West 


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Kanye West’s inception on the musical journey began back in the 1990s when the hip-hop scene was attaining its peak. Ever since then, the musical genius has bagged many titles, becoming the highest certified digital singles artist in the United States. Although he was on an 18-month-long hiatus, 2023 witnessed the return of the music mogul with bombshell collaboration features. Currently tying his position in Grammy history with Jay-Z, the rapper from Atlanta is secure at the tenth position with 24 awards to his name.

As for Taylor Swift, her milestones are not short of distinctions. However, her spot in the top 10 Grammy winners charts is still in the making despite her regular feats of success. Presently the pop icon has 12 Grammys in her name. 


The American rapper and record producer, Jay-Z, has been a household name in the hip-hop culture’s rise. His success in the musical premises is not restricted to his own, but also extends to various other artists. Having started his career in music at 15, the rapper acquired his billionaire club position in 2019.

Although his musical updates have hit a pause as of now, he has maintained his bequest by keeping it neck-to-neck with Ye. Presently conquering the most Grammy wins in the rap category with West, he also has 24 Grammys to his label.


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After the overlap of 24 Grammys between Ye and Jay-Z comes the trio with 26 Grammys each.

John Williams, Stevie Wonder, Vladimir Horowitz

The American composer, John Williams, is known for his elite cinematic soundtracks from classics including Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, and many more. The 5-time Oscar-winning prodigy, Williams, has 25 Grammys amidst the long list of achievements. Among them, 6 Grammys were alone in honor of his work in the Star Wars franchise. His latest win came from the 60th Grammys for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Capella for ‘Escapades For Alto Saxophone And Orchestra’ from Catch Me If You Can.

Adjusting a deadlock with John Williams, Stevie Wonder also has 25 Grammys to his legacy. A pioneer in his field of work, Wonder made history even at the Grammy Awards. Per reports, Wonder is the only artist to have achieved more than five awards across three separate nights. The Oscar winner also has his name embossed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

John Williams’ clash in the Grammy era is not restricted to Stevie Wonder but also to Vladimir Horowitz. The departed classical pianist has 25 Grammys to his name as well. A timeless genius in the musical realm who had left an ever-lasting impression had reportedly won a Grammy in every decade from the 1960s to the 1990s. Horowitz also has five recordings in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Pierre Boulez

The French composer and conductor, Pierre Boulez, had his mastery in the premises of contemporary classical harmony of the 20th century. His contribution to the record industry has been through his works on serialism and structures.

A revolutionary personality on his own accord, Boulez had won 26 Grammys throughout his lifetime. The last one, The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award, was bestowed to him in 2015.

Chick Corea and Alison Krauss

Heralding the top spot for most Grammy wins in the Jazz music category, Chick Corea has 27 Grammys to his resume. The American composer showcased his Latin styling of eccentric piano compositions over several years. The artist bagged even four Latin Grammy Awards to his name for his pianist arrangements.

Sharing the 27 Grammy winning streak with the late composer, Chick Corea, Alison Krauss too has maintained her distinction. Krauss is the only female artist to bag the most awards in the Country Field category. Krauss’s diverse talent ranges with skills from vocals to piano to mandolin. 14 of the wins among the 27 also allude to her band, Union Station, where she was involved for over 30 years!

Quincy Jones

Spanning his wins across at least 10 categories in Grammy, Quincy Jones has 28 Grammy wins. From Jazz to Pop to R&B and more, his skill sets also range from being a producer, composer, and songwriter to others.

Being one of the 15 artists to receive the Grammy Legend Award, his last win was in the Best Music Film category at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Georg Solti

Hailing the most Grammy wins in the Classical Field, Solti ranks as the second-most winner of Grammy Awards. With 31 honoraries, the late conductor is also the record holder for most wins in any genre. His last win was for Best Opera Recording for Wagner: Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg.

Following the classical genius comes the pop-culture Queen Bey with her record history of most wins in the Grammy Awards.



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The American songwriter and singer, Beyoncé, is a top-shelf name in all the Grammy seasons. Holding the record of the most Grammy wins so far, her musical legacy is a statement of its own in the popular culture. With 32 wins, Beyoncé is no less than a groundbreaker in the industry. Currently, her ‘Renaissance’ concert movie is closely combating Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film.

While the battleground may be revved up in competition, one thing is for sure- Swift’s outreach for Beyoncé’s Grammy wins still has some time to it. But then again, you never know!


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