Taylor Swift in Most Powerful People in Hollywood List Leaves Fans Baffled at the Sheer Power of the Singer

Published 03/22/2024, 4:06 PM EDT

The intricacies of navigating through and leaving an impact on an industry as globally recognized and followed as Hollywood remains a task that only few can manage to get a grasp on. Furthermore, for an outside entrant, one who has little to no call on the filmmaking process, the possibility of achieving that desired stronghold is better left to the imagination. Yet, defying all odds, expectations, and conventions, and in a blatant show of influence, Taylor Swift has managed to clinch just the same.

In the latest round of tallying and listing the most powerful people in Hollywood by Puck News, Taylor Swift ranks at the fourth position. While Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos occupied the top spot, Comcast’s Brian Roberts and Disney’s Bob Iger stand as the only ones above the singer. The revelation, however, has left the fans in awe and stunned at the sheer chokehold the 34-year-old has managed to extend despite her excellence standing footed in the music industry.


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The list also unraveled another surprise as Taylor Swift also stood as the youngest among all others, far outpacing 83-year-old John Malone of WB Discovery. Although new entrants such as A24’s David Fenkel and Daniel Katz appeared on the list, the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer showed off wielding exceptional power likely because of her popularity among the masses and her ability to sway the younger generation, going as far as her easily being able to influence the presidential elections.

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The incoming tide of reactions had the Swifties as well as any other consumer of the fact stand in staunch recognition of her prowess.

Fans hail Taylor Swift in Hollywood Top-10 list as completely deserving

On October 24, 2006, Taylor Swift released her self-titled debut album. Soon after, it would go on to become the number-one country album and hold that position for 24 weeks. In the decades that have followed, she has entered the billionaire club, caused an earthquake with her Eras Tour, and brought in fans of over millions to her concerts. Amid such a showdown, fans wholeheartedly believed that not only did the 34-year-old deserve the current spot on the list, but also that she may soon climb to the top!

Swifties could hardly back down from celebrating in such a milestone of an achievement as they hailed their singer.

Several among the observers also noted that such an occurrence is not only unseen but could hardly be replicated again.

Alas, indeed many rightfully agreed that Taylor Swift is 'The Man'.


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In the months to follow, Taylor Swift will only resonate more with her fandom, with the European leg of her Eras Tour and the incoming ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ album. Additionally, with her releases going on to script one record or the other every other day, it stands absolutely reasonable for her to hold a cementing influence and possess the ability to sway Hollywood in her way.


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What are your reactions to Taylor Swift appearing among the top ten most powerful people in Hollywood? Let us know in the comments below.



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