Taylor Swift Can Overtake 5 Legendary Artists Including Madonna and Lady Gaga if She Manages to Do This at MTV VMAs 2023

Published 08/31/2023, 11:33 AM EDT

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Remember the resounding echo of ‘Taylor Swift was the ultimate winner’ as we journey back to the 2022 MTV VMAs. Swift indeed carved her name in history, claiming record-breaking triumphs, including the coveted Video of the Year, the lengthiest video, and becoming the first solo woman to clinch 2 VMAs for directing. With this, the ‘Lover’ singer effortlessly embodies a multifaceted legacy.

In the tapestry of VMAs, her legacy is intricately woven. Beyond the shadow of the infamous Kanye West controversy, the VMAs have often tilted in her favor. Now, as the celestial dice roll, there is a chance the stars might align once more for Swift at the 2023 VMAs, provided a certain fortune factor falls into place.

Taylor Swift can break records with 2023 VMAs

As the MTV VMAs draw near on September 12th, it is yet another opportunity for the ‘Shake It Off’ singer to etch her name in history. Not just bringing in earthquake along with Ye, her Eras tour is rewriting records. It appears that the stars are aligned in her favor. According to MTV VMAs 2023, Swift’s name shines atop the list with a whopping eight nominations—seven attributed to her ‘Anti-Hero’ music video itself. In her wake, SZA trails with six nominations spanning diverse categories.

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With a remarkable 14 VMAs in her possession, Swift teeters on the brink of a historic accomplishment. Sweeping all eight nominations could catapult her to the second spot among VMA’s most successful artists. This would raise her award count to 22, outshining icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Peter Gabriel, and R.E.M. Only Beyoncé, with 26 titles, would stand ahead. As competition heats up, not just for prestigious titles but also for the Artist of the Year, Swift faces a challenge from the unstoppable force that is Beyoncé.

Beyond the artist of the year rivalry, Swift’s Eras Tour finds itself locked in a fierce face-off with Beyoncé’s Renaissance.

Musical titans collide with global tours

Excitement has soared as pop icons have commanded the spotlight with global tours. Queen Bey’s Renaissance tour mesmerized London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for five magical nights in June. Meanwhile, Swift’s Eras tour painted the US soundscape and awaits London’s embrace next summer. These tours have struck a financial chord as well. The ‘Style’ singer secured a fifth place, and Beyoncé claimed a commanding sixth in the decade’s highest-grossing tour rankings.

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Yet, beyond monetary milestones, their symphonic echoes resound louder. Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour soared as the highest-grossing ever by a Black artist, surpassing her own records and iconic names like Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. Meanwhile, Swift’s Eras tour has eclipsed her previous achievements and is poised for even grander heights, with a concert film hitting AM theaters in October.

Do you think the singer will be able to etch her name in history with all 8 wins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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