“Spooky for Kanye”- Kendrick Lamar Emerges a Top Choice in GOAT Talks, Making Space to Surpass Ye

Published 06/04/2024, 11:12 PM EDT

The world of hip-hop became a hotbed of controversy due to the latest course of a feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. While the turmoil has subsided, there has been significant debate about who should be considered the reigning king. Unexpectedly, Kanye West, now known as Ye, has entered the conversation, suggesting that Kendrick Lamar could be the next major rapper to surpass the Atlanta rapper. 

This proclamation follows a recent interview where Lamar's artistic ability was praised, emphasizing his focus on creating art rather than just topping the charts.

Ye takes the heat of the Kendrick Lamar debacle


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In a May episode of The Joe Budden podcast, the cast, which includes Joe Budden, Richard Parks Vallely, Antwan Marby, Lamar Burney, Melyssa Ford, and Trevor Robinson, delved into Kendrick Lamar and his impact on the rap scene. Budden took the lead in discussing Lamar’s mastery of tonal control, drawing on his own experience as a rapper. After the podcast was uploaded, a user named X reposted the clip, suggesting that if Lamar were to release more classics, it could become “spooky for Kanye”.

In the clip, Budden was praised for his insightful analysis, with Ford adding that Lamar’s tonal control could lead him to offer a "masterclass" in rap. Burney concurred with Budden's sentiments, emphasizing that even as a non-rapper, he felt the same after listening to Lamar’s ‘euphoria.’ However, the X user who speculated Lamar’s steps nearing the success charts of Ye left fans quite convinced with his claims.

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Even though the user claimed that it was his perspective, fans seemed to have echoed, albeit with some additions to his reasonings.

Fans believe in Kendrick Lamar’s potential to outshine Ye

The user known as Beloved Bone shared the Joe Budden podcast clip discussing Kendrick Lamar's music, proclaiming him the "greatest rapper" in his view. He added that in the race for the greatest hip-hop artist, Lamar is just behind Ye, who holds the first position. Despite expectations of controversy, fans surprisingly agreed with his assertion, obviously with a little obstruction in the way.

While Ye had voluntarily inserted himself into the Lamar-Drake conflict, Lamar surpassing Ye was not anticipated this year. However, fans interpreted their areas of expertise and came to a unanimous conclusion.


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Some fans strongly supported Lamar over Ye, and vice versa, but most were not confused. The majority could discern their distinct styles and what sets them apart in the industry, suggesting that Lamar could indeed be the next major figure in hip-hop following Ye. Ultimately, it depends on whether Ye is willing to relinquish that crown. Thus, time will reveal the true leader.


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What do you think of the fan's proclamation suggesting Kendrick Lamar's potential to outdo Ye in hip-hop? Let us know in the comments below!



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