“Savage!” – Fans Stand Amazed by Kanye West Setting up His Yeezy Office Near Adidas

Published 05/14/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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The dubious enigma, Kanye West has rapped Adidas right in its heart! Following his many controversial remarks about Jewish society, and his ex-wife, it seemed like Ye’s life was going down a spiral. Adidas apparently left the artist hanging along with his social stature and, as a result, both the billionaire and the brand lost millions. However, it seems like the ‘Devil in New Dress’ rapper is back with a bang. And fans are having quite a time.

The two sportswear giants who were at loggerheads earlier, now also share a neighborhood. Yes! Kanye West has reportedly opened a store just a few shops down from Adidas on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The news came after the German giant confessed that they saw huge losses after cutting ties with the controversial star. Previously, news had it that Adidas has stored the $1.3 billion worth of Yeezy stock in its warehouse, unsure of what to do about it. However, it was later on reported they may collaborate with the Donda Academy owner once again.


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But Ye turned the entire game and is moving with his business pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Adidas, although just a barber shop away from Yeezy, is, unfortunately, fighting lawsuits by various investors.


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Now, what is interesting is that fans not only call this move “savage” but they also seem to enjoy his “petty behavior.”

Kanye West backed by his fans as he locates his Yeezy office near Adidas

For all we know, apart from his antisemitic and other such controversial remarks, fans have always supported the unpredictable artist in his endeavors. And they did so yet again! As soon as the news took center stage on Twitter, the Ye fanbase was quick to provide their two cents. And they appear to come pretty harsh on the “hurting” firm.

While some voiced everyone’s decision, stating that “we will be buying Yeezy directly from Kanye,” others admitted that Yeezy shoes have held up their value pretty well.

Others expressed that they love such “petty moves.”

Meanwhile, a few others rejoiced that the “business Ye is back.” One fan also pointed out how he bought a house near that of Kim Kardashian and hopes that this decision works out better than that one.

Some also made hilarious comments on the same.


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