“My name is..” - Sabrina Carpenter Wraps Up Coachella Bash With an Iconic Sign-off

Published 04/13/2024, 12:32 AM EDT

As the Coachella Festival kicked off on Friday, those in attendance were undoubtedly filled with excitement, but for those unable to join, the anticipation was somewhat subdued. Nonetheless, the digital era offered a solution, allowing even non-attendees to experience glimpses and footage from the stage front through social media, immersing themselves in a comparable musical atmosphere. On the first day, the lineup boasted several pop stars, including Sabrina Carpenter, Lana Del Rey, and Doja Cat. 

Carpenter, having already stirred high levels of anticipation with the announcement of a new single before the music festival, persisted in her tactics of shock value, particularly with her parting words that created a stir, surpassing even the impact of her captivating performance.

Sabrina Carpenter signs off from Coachella Day 1 with a banging reminder


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Sabrina Carpenter graced the Coachella stage on the festival's opening day with a mid-day set, featuring a full-scale facade resembling a blue roadside motel, complete with a room wrecked in a car crash. While the performance dazzled fans in attendance, in keeping with the adage, “all’s well that ends well,” the iconic closing statement sent fans into an ecstatic frenzy. To some, it proved even more captivating than her entire stage presence that issued a reminder: “My name is Sabrina, don’t forget it."

The pop star presented songs like ‘Fast Times’ and ‘Read Your Mind’, but it was the comprehensive atmosphere, the stagecraft, and its meticulous execution that rendered her sundowner performance truly unique. While this time, her sign-off was not as emotional as the one from the Eras Tour, it surely was more memorable. Needless to say, Coachella Day One was a winner for fans, those present physically, and also for those who were not.

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For fans online, this called for double celebration, as the ones happening within the festival had its reflection on the social circle.

Fans hope for Sabrina Carpenter to headline Coachella someday after her iconic parting

The opening day of Coachella proved to be a success on various fronts, but dominating today's headlines is none other than Sabrina Carpenter. While much praise is owed to her impressive fan engagement, it is her parting words that continue to ignite fan excitement. Seizing the moment, fans expressed their desire to see Carpenter headline the festival someday.

Many fans shared similar sentiments while some were prepared to crown the singer for her unapologetic personality.


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Amidst the ongoing applause for her commanding presence on stage, fans also took a moment to appreciate her authenticity. From the moment she stepped onto the stage until she bid her farewell, Carpenter's energy was palpable, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. Despite the hour-long set, the memory lingered vividly in their minds, prompting fans to eagerly anticipate Carpenter's future headlining opportunities. 


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