Months After Adidas Breakup, Ye Graces Nike X Cactus Jack Campaign

Published 05/10/2024, 11:39 PM EDT

Besides his musical triumphs, Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has a longstanding relationship with fashion that reminds fans of the iconic partnership he heralded with the German giant, Adidas. However, in 2022, their collaboration was cut short after Adidas served the termination letter with immediate effect. Since then, several times the rapper has unleashed blows on the brand but never like the latest one as he just graced Adidas’ brand nemesis, Nike.

The ‘Donda’ rapper made waves online after jumping ship for Nike’s Cactus Jack campaign, leaving fans flabbergasted. 

Ye avenges Adidas fallout with Nike collaboration


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From serving a revolution in the sneaker game, Ye and Adidas closed on gigantic inventories as fans queued on websites to get their hands on the limited pieces. However, with their eventual fallout, all fans had wished for the Yeezy founder to somehow bring back his couture flex into the business. Although the Yeezy Pods launch aided his supporters in winter, nothing came in close contest with Ye’s landing on the American giants’ coattails with his longtime collaborator, Travis Scott for Nike’s Cactus Jack collection, as was recently revealed by the latter on Instagram. 

Scott delivered some teasers on Thursday for the Nike Cactus Jack 1 T-Rexx in Mocha and Red colorways. In one of the clips shared by the artist, close-ups of Ye’s face were found with background tunes. Not just that, the tie-up seemed to be a family affair since in yet another clip, the children of Scott and Ye were featured, playing in their new Nike sneakers from the latest collection. La Flame further declared the availability of the sneaker lineup on TRAVISSCOTT.COM.

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For fans, the news was both a shocker and a relief since it had the seal of approval from none other than the fashion mogul, Ye.

Fans find the perfect Adidas replacement with Ye’s link with Nike

Ye is back in the fashion mecca and this time, backing him up are two major labels: Nike and the rhyme master, Travis Scott. Ever since the Atlanta rapper left Adidas like a ghost of the past, fans looked forward to a day when his fashion science would again find a platform. With Scott and Nike, not only has it come to fruition as Ye is now on the posters of the rival brand but also has become a hit in no time at all.

Many fans could not help but praise the rapper for the milestone. Some others found it difficult to come to terms with his rise from the ashes like a phoenix.


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Fans were mostly on their toes with the drop and it seemed that a considerable proportion of purchasers from Adidas’ league now found home at the Nike stores. A few others, although excited upon the revelation of the collaboration, found it difficult to let pass the no-show of ‘Vultures 2’. However, given Ye's penchant for unpredictability, it is reasonable to expect that, similar to the Nike collaboration, the release of 'Vultures 2' will also come as a shocker.


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