Kanye West Just Pulled Off a Classic as He Sets Up Yeezy Office Next to Adidas Store, Like He Once Did to Kim Kardashian

Published 05/04/2023, 4:30 PM EDT

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Kanye West is making a comeback, by giving direct competition to Adidas. The Donda rapper has been making a strong comeback through music and preparing for the launch of Yeezy season 10. The artist has been underground for a while now, as an aftermath of his controversial comments. But his fan base has remained strong, and with their support, he seeks to come back bigger to compete with old collaborators.

The recent Instagram posts by fans gave an update about his next Yeezy line and the internal process. From selecting models to shooting the entire vibe of the collection, it has already left people intrigued. But a map apparently shows a new Yeezy office set up a store beside Adidas.

Kanye West reportedly opens a store beside old collaborators Adidas


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Adidas may be preparing to see some healthy yet stark competition from Kanye West. The Donda rapper enjoyed a decade-long partnership with them, before their very public split. It was the Yeezy brand through which the two collaborated first. 9 seasons later, Yeezy is set to come back as a stand-alone line, being a direct competitor of the German fashion brand. RapTv posted on Instagram giving information about the Melrose Street shop. The map shows only one building is seen in between, which looks like a barbershop.


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On the other hand, the brand is facing some heat from shareholders over neglecting Ye’s behavior early on. Apparently, they ignored his behavior about anti-Semitism from as early as 2019. As per CNN, the brand turned a blind eye to his comments for the sake of profits.


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But this is not the first time that Ye has done something of this kind.


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Ye once purchased a condo near to former wife Kim Kardashian

After his separation from former wife Kim Kardashian, the singer bought a whopping $4.5 million house in the same area as her. It was just to be beside her and their four children. Although they eventually settled their divorce last year. “I bought the house next door. What you think the point of really bein’ rich for?” he stated. It will be seen how the Yeezy office progresses now.


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