Kanye West has a Whole Italy Atelier to Crank Out “Anything he wants” with Bianca Censori’s Stirring Outfits

Published 09/28/2023, 11:58 PM EDT

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Kanye West is perhaps the only celebrity who manages to make the headlines every day. Until recently, the rapper was attracting heat for his shenanigans. However, now Ye is all over the place for his controversial outings with Bianca Censori. The couple have been rocking bizarre outfits during their month-long staycation in Europe. Time and again, their attention-grabbing fashion style has grabbed negative responses from the fans, with many calling out the rapper for the same. 

Since the couple’s outings started making the rounds on the internet, Censori’s wardrobe choices raised many eyebrows. However, her scandalous sheer outfits were a mystery until now.

Not Kanye West but an entire team of designers are to blame behind Bianca Censori’s outfits


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Bianca Censori’s hosiery wardrobe choices leave little to the imagination. However, one question that pops into everyone’s minds when they look at her is: where are these outfits coming from? Surprisingly, the couple has a team of designers who travel with them and design Censori’s costumes in a day. As per reports by Page Six, Ye has a “whole atelier in Italy” that designs every ensemble of clothes Censori rocks during her outings.

Renowned fashion designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, who worked with Ye previously, revealed to Page Six“Anything he wants to make, they can make it. He’s really just making it on the spot.” Another designer revealed how the team makes anything Ye wants within a day. However, she stressed that there is no “creative process” behind making these outfits. The ensemble purchased a bunch of tights and cut them to make the clothing for the former Yeezy architect.

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Meanwhile, apart from attracting heat for their outfits, the legal problems surrounding the couple are immense. After a renowned boat company banned the duo, Ye seems to be in trouble with Italian Authorities for the mask he wore during the Italian Fashion Week. And with Ye concealing his face with masks, speculation suggests that it might not be him hanging out with Censori.

Does Ye use a body double for his outings with Bianca Censori? 


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Kanye West and Bianca Censori have been having a gala time over the past few months. Moving in and out from Italy to Japan, the couple is indeed living their best lives. However, a recent rumor hints that it is not the ‘Flashing Lights’ hitmaker but a body double who steps out with the model. Interestingly, Ye has barely been revealing his face. 

A body language expert, Judi James, pointed out that witnessing an ambitious rapper look so submissive was rather surprising. She further added that it was highly possible for someone else to dress up like West. Since the rapper covers his face with a mask, he can easily perform a switch. 


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