“His album is crazy” – Flashback to 8 Years Before Utopia When Travis Scott Dropped Insights for Yeezus

Published 08/31/2023, 5:30 PM EDT

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In the heart of Rome’s Maxima Circus, the air pulsed with a symphony of ‘Praise God’. This was a convergence that ignited not just sheer delight but seismic reverberations. This is the magic unfurled when musical luminaries like Kanye West and Travis Scott join forces. Scott’s loyalty to Ye is amplified in ‘Utopia,’ but the threads of their connection reach far deeper. The rise of the Houston rapper finds its credits within his master’s light.


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Their musical harmonies resonated with the vibes of ‘Yeezus,’ a connection that now reverberates through ‘Utopia.’ Going back to the time when this news made waves, Scott shared some fascinating insights.

Tracing history with Travis Scott and Yeezus insights

After Ye decided to break free from the confines of making music solely for public approval, he unleashed ‘Yeezus’ upon the world in 2015. Marked as one of his most intense albums, this release followed a period where his Yeezy fashion line faced its own challenges. Notably, the ‘Meltdown’ singer’s involvement was evident in this musical masterpiece. Looking back to 2015, when Scott was asked about this significant collaboration, he let slip some captivating insights that left fans intrigued.

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In a candid chat with Billboard, Scott spilled the beans, sharing, “His album is crazy. I’m glad that n—a finally broke the code with ‘Yeezus.'” Describing it as audaciously raw and reaching some sort of divine musical zenith (given the Jesus and Ye blend), the rapper clearly buzzed with excitement. Unveiling more about his bond with Ye, he playfully referred to West as his stepdad. And as for their dynamic, Scott peeled back the curtain. He revealed their shared journey and the quest to evolve into not just better artists, but better individuals, too.

There is no denying that their collaboration created quite a stir. But interestingly, so did ‘Yeezus,’ albeit for all the wrong reasons.

The Kanye West’s page of controversial chapter: Yeezus

‘Yeezus,’ West’s daring fusion of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Ye’, was a fearless exploration of music. This album boldly embraced rawness, defied norms, and dived into hedonism. Tracks like ‘I’m In It’ dived into explicit passion, while ‘I Am A God (feat. God)’ amplified West’s bravado. Sparks flew in ‘Blood on the Leaves,’ where Ye sampled Nina Simone’s ‘Strange Fruit’ for a controversial mix of electronic beats and audacious verses.

‘New Slaves,’ which had Scott and his creative genius mentor, became Ye’s platform against fashion’s racial biases, a declaration against an industry. European influences infused the album’s production, a blend of global creativity. ‘Yeezus’ seemed to be designed to provoke and divide. Contrastingly, it was both praised by critics and debated by fans due to its bold sound and daring lyrics.

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