Here Are 5 Moments to Celebrate the Adventurous One Year of Kanye West and Bianca Censori

Published 12/20/2023, 12:31 PM EST

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Kanye West‘s love life has always fascinated the world. From his past romance with Amber Rose to his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian, his relationships have always been focused on. While many Kimye fans have not moved on since the honeymoon period of their nuptials, both the celebrities have. Although the mom of four has taken a vow of no dating for 2 years, her ex-husband tied the knot shortly after their divorce was finalized.

While the world was a little late to realize that Ye had married Yeezy architect, Bianca Censori, the couple are now celebrating their first anniversary.

Top 5 Kanye West and Bianca Cenri moments from their relationship


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Earlier this year, the world found out that Kanye West had remarried shortly after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. While his marriage to Bianca Censori had a lot of rumors surrounding it, those rumors of them not being wed were put to rest. Now, after spending the last year in the spotlight and even splitting for a hot minute, the couple is celebrating their first anniversary with a bang. So, let us join in by taking a look at the couple’s most memorable moments this year.

Kanye West creates Censori Overload

In December last year, Kanye West hinted at his relationship with Bianca Censori through his music. While no one had expected him to suddenly drop a new track, the now 46-year-old showed his fans that he had found himself another muse after the SKIMS mogul. The track was titled ‘Censori Overload’ and it was a direct reference to his new girlfriend.

Although his fans thought that this relationship was a fling at first, the couple proved everyone wrong by sticking together. In the song, he even slightly hinted that they could end up tying the knot as the rapper had taken a vow of celibacy until marriage. It seems to have worked out for them, given the fact that they have made it to their one year together.


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While this might have been the most wholesome moment in their relationship, everything else that happened seemed to garner more attention.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori, and her parents take over Tokyo

Back in June this year, Ye and Bianca Censori decided it was time for a big step in their relationship. While they had been married for over 6 months, the rapper had not yet met his wife’s parents. Although most people would see that as a red flag, the Yeezy architect seemed unfazed. The couple jetted off to Tokyo to meet her mom and dad.

However, they ended up stealing the spotlight for something else. While it was only the beginning, this was the trip where fans noticed that Censori’s dressing style was getting a little out of hand. She even debuted a bleached blonde crew cut that left everyone missing her long locks.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori enrage the Italians

Just like any other couple in love, Kanye West and Bianca Censori also decided to take a trip to Italy. While they enjoyed their vacation there, the Italian people felt differently. Although tourism is a common thing there, the couple had taken it a little too far with their fashion choice. From wearing only sheer leggings and holding a pillow to a barely there bikini top that left little to the imagination, the ‘Ye’ creator’s wife ended up becoming the center of attention.

During their long honeymoon-like trip, the couple also made waves after a video of them in a Gondola went viral. In it, the rapper seemed to be wearing his plans way lower than they ought to be and he even ended up flashing the world. While it might not have been what fans wanted to see, their little ride ended up sparking a frenzy.

Kanye West’s set of rules for Bianca Censori comes out

Shortly after Kanye West and Bianca Censori took over the world, her friends came out with claims that the relationship was not good for her. While she had cut her friends and family off to focus on what Ye wanted, the people who loved her could not help but express their concern. As all of this unfolded, they ended up revealing that the rapper had a set of rules for his wife to follow in their marriage.

While that coincided with the assault claims of Kathy Griffth, Censori stayed strong in her resolve to stay with the Grammy winner. However, months later, her friends convinced her to take some time away from West. Her departure resulted in various separation rumors, but those ended up being untrue.

Censori makes her way back to West

After spending Thanksgiving apart, Kanye West and Bianca Censori shut down rumors after a reconciliation in Dubai. They were spotted together at a fashion event with many other rappers. While we now know it was filled with Ye’s ‘Vultures’ collaborators and more, the couple’s spotting at the event sent the world crazy.


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Throughout the event, Censori was spotted clutching a stuffed animal. She seemed to still be following her husband’s rules. However, the couple will have to be careful as not much is tolerated in the Middle East. Although they already seem to be beginning to cause a stir once again.


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