8 Years Before Utopia’s ‘Sounds Like Yeezus’ Reviews, Travis Scott Got Candid About the ‘Cheat Code’ He Has With Kanye West, Future and More

Published 08/31/2023, 7:08 AM EDT

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After a five-year hiatus post ‘Astroworld,’ Travis Scott made a triumphant return with ‘Utopia.’ A meteoric hit that not only dominated the Billboard Top 100 but also jolted Kanye West from hibernation, thanks to Scott’s seismic Rome concert. Amidst whispers of resemblance to ‘Yeezus,’ ‘Utopia’ arrived as a whirlwind of intrigue and anticipation.

This is not the first instance where Scott’s musical authenticity has been called into question. Rewind to 2015, and the rapper had a little extra flavor to sprinkle into the mix. An intriguing anecdote involving his stepdad and a league of other legends, like a hidden cheat code woven into his journey.

The Travis Scott and Kanye West cheat code

Scott finds himself fully immersed in the ‘Utopia’ era. Surely, the guest appearances from the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Beyoncé, Future, and others ignited a wildfire of musical brilliance. Yet, amidst the blaze, theories connecting its influence to Ye’s iconic ‘Yeezus’ find their own unique explanations. These threads lead us back to 2015 when ‘Rodeo’ bore the imprints of its guest collaborators. In a candid moment, the Houston rapper unveiled a secret “cheat code” that seemingly shapes his musical journey.

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As ‘Rodeo’ claimed the rap album chart’s throne, Scott faced questions about its creative influences. In a candid Billboard interview, Scott dismissed and clarified, “No, man! I worked on this album by myself.” Defying critics’ grasp, he attributed comparisons to his high-profile connections, but he likened this to a crafty cheat code, setting his work apart. To add flair, Scott revealed he had shared a sneak peek of the album with Ye and TI before its official release.

However, the parallels drawn between ‘Utopia’ and ‘Yeezus’ are not mere whims—they spring from a sturdy foundation of similarities.

Utopia vis-à-vis Yeezus

Within the intricate fabric of ‘Utopia,’ the echoes of Ye’s revolutionary album, ‘Yeezus,’ reverberate purposefully. Scott’s artistic footprint left an indelible mark on ‘Yeezus’—tracks like ‘New Slaves,’ ‘Guilt Trip,’ and ‘I Am God’. A similar fusion is revisited in ‘Utopia.’ The homage extends beyond production, as ‘Utopia’s’ rhythms resonate with Ye’s cadence and style.

‘Thank God’ throbbed with Ye’s looming beats while ‘God’s Country’ and ‘Telekinesis’ pulsed with Ye’s vocal touch and unrelenting rhythms. This ‘Utopia’-‘Yeezus’ connection stretches into the past, as insights from a Twitter account hinted that ‘Utopia’ tracks might stem from earlier Ye sessions. In ‘Modern Jam,’ the third track, it is reported that a revisited beat emerges. It is one co-crafted by Ye and Mike Dean for an early version of ‘I Am A God.’

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