Did You Know How Kanye West’s 2024 Hit ‘Carnival’ Which Breached the Billboard Charts Was Versed?

Published 03/21/2024, 3:53 AM EDT

In the world of music, very select few personas emit a powerhouse of talent like Kanye West does. Of course, music is not the only field where his expertise takes the bow, but it surely drives his entire fanbase into a frenzy like none other. Similarly, when Ye pledged his comeback with ‘Vultures’, there was no second-guessing that its arrival would mark a milestone. As a result, when it finally found its path to success, the most fulfilling track from the initial volume was 'Carnival'.

All tabloid outlets observed its ascent in the Billboard Charts, yet what remained unknown until recently was the behind-the-scenes recording process, which is poised to astonish many.

Kanye West’s Carnival’s recording technique


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Kanye West’s musical renaissance is truly one for the books because every other day his artistry takes leaps beyond measure to only leave fans and contemporaries in shock. While his fans are aware of how his comeback propelled him to the top of the Billboard Charts with his megahit track 'Carnival', few may be aware that the recording process involved a gathering of 25 people.

Mostly, sound capture undergoes a tedious studio process. The assurance that makes the biggest bet is the presence of soundproof walls and the fact that the studio conditions ensure the sonic quality. Since most artists have followed the given setup, West’s efforts to skip pre-production, intricate studio setups, and tracking to hop straight to mixing is probably what sets him a class apart. After all, this artist can easily move mountains for the sake of his craft.

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Given the significant amount of effort invested, the recognition it received was well-deserved. As for fans, it gave them twice the reason to highlight the music mogul for his unconventional art. 

Fans hype Kanye West’s behind-the-scenes effort for Carnival

Kanye West leads a mammoth army of followers who more than anyone recognize his skills. Hence, after West’s track reached the No.1 spot, his celebratory verbal fireworks managed to send fans into a frenzy. But now, with the exposure of the effort it took to make the track a megahit, fans cannot help but accept that his craft is on “a different level”.

Most fans barely left the thread without praise. Some fans even believed that it is one of West’s peak eras.


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Indeed, it could be one since his artistic efforts are only taking flights with no intentions of touchdown. Especially considering the brainstorming that underwent the entire drop from curating listening parties to releasing new merchandise, the hype was only justified. But now, fans know that the ultimate gamble was always the artist because his art is a part of him.


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