Counting Carats: Taylor Swift’s $142,000 Worth Jewelry Collection From the First Quarter of 2024

Published 04/02/2024, 9:29 AM EDT

For years now, Taylor Swift has dominated the music industry with her earworm choruses. However, just last year, the pop sensation took a step into the world of sports with her NFL boyfriend, Travis Kelce. While the 34-year-old may have been caught up in her whirlwind romance, she managed to keep up her stunning appearances. After going all out with her jewelry for the Eras Tour, the star chose to dial it down on her time off, but eye-catching pieces ended up giving her stunning collection away. 

With only a quarter of 2024 having gone by, Swift has shown off a little over $142,000 worth of jewelry during her routine outings, and spectators cannot help but look deeper into the pieces.

Taylor Swift’s Golden Globe jewelry estimate


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Taylor Swift has always opted to wear outfits that are not as flashy as her stage wardrobe. While the singer has chosen to dress down on most occasions, her looks are not at all easy to afford. In January, the singer ended up taking over the Golden Globes with her custom green Gucci dress and metallic green Christian Louboutin heels. However, it was her jewelry that stole the attention. She wore a $68,500 pair of De Beers Arpeggia danglers that were inspired by Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata.'

Swift also added another pair of one-line earrings from the same brand that cost $34,900. Apart from that, the 34-year-old donned a $2,000 ear cuff that looked like a dewdrop. To complete her fashion statements, the singer also added a classic round stud that cost $3,350. With all the jewelry amounting to $108750, it ended up becoming her most expensive outing in terms of jewelry this year.

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After the Golden Globes, Swift ended up putting her fans on alert as she jetted off to a recording studio in New York. However, during the trip, her iconic looks stole the show.

Taylor Swift’s fashionable trip to New York

Shortly after Taylor Swift lost her chance to make history at the Golden Globes, the singer seemed to pick herself up and jet set off to New York so she could spend some time in the studio. After creating a winter trend, the 34-year-old could be seen with a stunning YSL handbag and Foundrae jewelry. In snaps that took over social media, she could be seen in an 18-karat yellow-gold chain that cost $2,280 and a larger one that could be bought for $6,365.

With Gucci boots, a Stella McCartney dress, and a coat, the singer had been dressed to the nines. Although Swift ensured everything that she had worn that day looked exquisite, it ended up being her expensive jewelry that caught everyone’s attention.

Taylor Swift decked out to attend Travis Kelce’s AFC Championship

Since the beginning of their relationship, both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been extremely supportive of each other. With the stars attending each other’s concerts and football matches, they have given the world many special moments. During the Kansas City Chiefs star’s AFC Championship, the singer showed up at the stadium looking like part of the team. Apart from her red sweater, she also wore a few rings to match her boyfriend’s jersey.

Swift also added a $6250 worth, 14-carat, yellow-gold ring to her look. The ring was designed by Jacquie Aiche and even featured a large marquise stone encrusted in the middle of round diamonds. While the attention might have been on Kelce that day, the singer’s jewelry proved to be worth more than just a few glances. 

Taylor Swift goes all out for Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl match


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After making it all the way from Tokyo post the Eras Tour a few months ago, Taylor Swift went out of her way to support Travis Kelce at his Super Bowl title decider. Apart from stealing the show with her best friend, Blake Lively, the singer also flaunted her stunning jewelry collection by wearing 3 necklaces layered on top of each other. The most expensive one was a tennis choker from Stephanie Gottlieb, which cost about $7500.

Swift also added two more necklaces to her look. They were a $6800 ruby necklace from Shay Jewelry and another Gottlieb piece that featured Kelce’s jersey number on it, which came up to $4250. While the pop sensation may like keeping her looks casual, her expensive and ever-growing jewelry collection has ended up taking her 2024 looks to a whole new level. 


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