Chicago Based Rapper Rooga Spills Beans on Kanye West’s Next Album After The 2022’s Donda 2

Published 07/13/2023, 1:10 AM EDT

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Kanye West has garnered widespread acclaim for his musical endeavors. Exciting news emerged for Ye’s as reports confirmed his latest collaboration with Fivio Foreign, marking their joint project. West and Fivio Foreign have joined forces for their highly anticipated collaboration, ‘Concussion.’ Notably, the two artists had previously collaborated on ‘Donda’ as well.

Fans have eagerly awaited Kanye West’s musical releases, recognizing his status among the top rappers. West’s album ‘Donda 2’ showcased several collaborations, including one with Chicago rapper Rooga. Building on their previous work, Rooga has recently provided hints regarding West’s upcoming album, sparking excitement among fans.


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Rooga, the Chicago rapper, made an appearance on the renowned No Jumper Podcast. Hosted by Adam22, Rooga intriguingly hinted at West’s upcoming album. The Yeezy rapper has been making regular trips to Japan, raising speculation about a forthcoming album. Rooga’s hints further validate the rumors. During the interview, Rooga hinted at collaborating with Ye on a new album. Although he provided limited details, he confirmed that something exciting was in the works.


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Rooga further disclosed that he would be responsible for producing the beats, which West would then incorporate into the album. Interestingly, there is no non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between Ye and Rooga. Despite the tease, Rooga managed to keep most of the news under wraps. Notably, his last album released in Japan was ‘Graduation.’ Every update on Kanye West’s new album leaves his fans eagerly awaiting its release with heightened anticipation. The recent leak of his new album triggered an overwhelming wave of reactions flooding the internet.

Fans have their fair share of reactions to Kanye West new release

The news shared by Rooga had West’s fans bursting with excitement, causing a frenzy of replies expressing their exhilaration.

Many fans held high expectations for Kanye West’s new album, longing for an authentic experience unlike ‘Donda’ or ‘Jesus is King.’ They yearned for the genuine essence of West’s music.

Some fans even adopted a sarcastic tone, expressing their desire for Kanye to prioritize completing ‘Donda 2’ and making it available for listeners on Spotify. The news appeared almost dream-like to fans, who yearned for an immediate release of the album.

Several Twitter users took to the platform to share their suggestions. One track leak, titled ‘New Body’ featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign, caused quite a buzz, with fans demanding its inclusion in the new album. Furthermore, there was a growing demand for collaboration with Odd Eye Circle.

West has gained a reputation for leaving his albums unreleased, often extending the intervals between releases, which keeps fans waiting in eager anticipation. Once again, similar reactions emerged from fans, ranging from requests to sarcastic remarks.


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While West may keep fans waiting in eager anticipation, news of his upcoming release never fails to ignite a frenzy among his dedicated fanbase. What do you think about this new album by Kanye West? Do you also await in anticipation? Let us know in the comments below.



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