Back When Jay-Z Revealed the Complex Relationship He Has With Kanye West 6 Years Ago

Published 09/04/2023, 8:08 AM EDT

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The seismic collision of Kanye West and Jay-Z on the music scene can be traced back to ‘This Can’t Be Life’ which ignited their creative partnership. This dynamic connection finds its roots in a mentorship parallel with Ye’s nurturing of Travis Scott. Just as Ye’s Good Music label provided Scott with a launchpad into the rap world, Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records similarly catapulted Ye’s career. Since those formative days, their bond has been laid bare through the intimate narratives woven into their albums.

Be it Ye’s ‘Big Brother’ or Jay-Z’s introspective ‘4:44’, both have candidly reflected their relationship through them. Back in 2017, Jay-Z got candid to put into words his complex relationship with Ye.

Jay-Z unveiled the layers of his bond with Kanye West in 2017

Ye and Jay-Z’s relationship kicked off in 2007 when Ye affectionately referred to Jay-Z as his ‘big brother’ in the song of the same name. However, a dramatic twist unfolded during Ye’s 2014 wedding to Kim Kardashian. Jay-Z and Beyoncé conspicuously chose not to attend, putting a temporary pause on their camaraderie. It was not until 2017 that Jay-Z shed light on the intricate dynamics of their friendship, shedding light on the fact that his music label gave a kick-start to Ye’s music career.

When Jay-Z was questioned about the intricacies of his relationship with Ye, his response quelled some of the brewing speculation. In an interview with NewYork Times magazine, Jay-Z unveiled, “I’ve always been like his big brother.” He emphasized the nature of their profession as entertainers, acknowledging that the competitive spirit between them was natural, driven by a shared desire to outdo one another. However, he passionately affirmed that, beneath the competitive veneer, profound love and mutual respect bound them together.

Despite the turbulent waters that have churned around their relationship, the past month brought a ray of hope and positivity. Particularly, regarding their past collaborative efforts.

A brighter chapter for their collaborations

This year, Ye is making a triumphant return. Holding an impressive 24 Grammy awards, it placed him in the same Grammy league as hip-hop heavyweight Jay-Z. There is a buzz surrounding his upcoming album. Further, the rapper is said to be crafting it that combines vintage Ye with a modern twist. Meanwhile, ‘The College Dropout,’ Ye’s 2004 breakthrough album, has recently crossed the astonishing milestone of two billion streams.

Songs like ‘All Falls Down’ and ‘Through the Wire’ lead the streaming charts, while ‘Graduation Day’ is surprisingly at the bottom of the list, with only 24 million streams. In 2011, Ye and Jay-Z joined forces for ‘Watch the Throne,’ producing hits like ‘Otis,’ which boasted over two hundred million streams on Spotify. The song’s richly produced video featured cameos by Otis Redding and comedian Aziz Ansari. It still continues to symbolize the power of the duo’s collaboration.

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