Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Still Dating? Here’s a Timeline to America’s Beloved Love Affair

Published 03/22/2024, 5:19 AM EDT

Travis Kelce’s crossing paths with Taylor Swift led to the love ballad of the decade. With every tabloid diligently documenting the couple's activities like motion sensors, the media’s assorted hints at a budding love story gradually evolved into compiled references. If anything, with each passing moment, the ‘It’ couple of Swiftie’s dreams cemented their positions as the power couple whose encounters never fall short of love doses. 

For those pondering the present state of the Swift-Kelce relationship, it is currently navigating the romantic waves of passion. Therefore, to keep things short and sweet, here is the comprehensive timeline of America's foremost couple.

Travis Kelce sets his sight on Taylor Swift


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Like any textbook fairytale, here too, Prince Charming first laid his eyes on his princess, dating back to July 2023. Hence, a hop on time travel is absolutely necessary for this love story to begin. On July 7 and 8, 2023, Taylor Swift performed at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Ceremony to mark her first entry into the Chiefs’ kingdom.

An impeccable performance, a packed audience, and certainly, the emotional reactions characterized a triumphant evening. However, for Travis Kelce, the final aspect faltered as his endeavor to approach Swift failed. During an episode of the New Heights podcast, Kelce admitted how he wrote his number on one of the friendship bracelets to give to Swift. Since the Eras Tour has not been hosting any meet-and-greet sessions between Swift and fans, Kelce’s fanboy moment fell a leg short.

Despite their cohort effort to avoid public attention, soon enough the tabloids began nitpicking the developments between the two, while occasional cheeky references made their way from the NFL commentators. Although by then, Swift already entered the Chiefs’ kingdom, the territory was in her command. But soon, all that was about to change.

Taylor Swift returns to Arrowhead for Travis Kelce

Following the growing breweries of gossip regarding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance, Swift touched down at Arrowhead for his game on September 24, a little more than a month after the gearing of the speculation wheel. Donning a red jacket to show her support, Swift took a seat beside Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce. Post the game, a bunch of details spiraled down the social media while DeuxMoi dropped a timeline for their post-game shenanigans.

Reportedly, a source even told Entertainment Tonight that Kelce “bought out the restaurant for his family and team” where Swift also showed up. The source further let slip that the “two were very affectionate with one another but kept things fun and lighthearted”. Soon the absolute shut-down of rumors steadily began to untangle the knots as updates upscaled but without the stance of refusal.

While Taylor Swift Readies Her New Album, Travis Kelce Continues to Build Up His Entertainment Repertoire

As one game turned to two, the amplification of Swift’s references in Kelce’s games doubled. Walking up to October 2023, the pair was no longer shying away from the cameras.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make surprise appearance at SNL

On October 14, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce showed up for a surprise appearance at Saturday Night Live, serving some PDA moments. A source told PEOPLE that at the SNL after-party, the pair took charge of interacting with everyone present. Another insider told how in a moment both Swift and Kelce were locked in each other’s gaze, getting all cozy and romantic with love showers and kisses. As per the revelation, Kelce could barely keep his hands to himself despite the public attention, making things finally official.

A source even let slip to Entertainment Tonight how Kelce at one point asked Swift’s bodyguard to “step aside, like he’d take it from here”. All hell broke loose when the duo then strolled in New York City, holding hands to mark their first public appearance together. On October 18, TMZ broke the news about Kelce’s purchase of a $6 million mansion to ensure Swift’s security. While October confirmed the official status of Swift and Kelce’s love story, November was all about PDA and love showers.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s gestures of love

On November 10, Travis Kelce flew to Argentina during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to grab a date night dinner. A day later, Kelce scheduled his attendance for the Buenos Aires concert where Swift made a cheeky display of affection by changing the lyrics of her ‘Karma’ track. While that marked one of the high points of her show, she ended it by running straight into Kelce’s arm to kiss him.

At the heights of their romance, Kelce finally opened up about Swift in the cover story of Wall Street Journal Magazine to admit how he has “never dated anyone” with an “aura” like her. Shortly after, in December the pop star became the Time’s Person of the Year, where she opened up about the timeline of their love story. Following this, in January, Swift became a regular to Chiefs’ games, eventually earning her the tag of “MVP”, the “most valued princess of the Chiefs’ kingdom”. But the love ballad does not end here.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce jets to back each other up


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In February, Taylor Swift made love look easy because, after all, it was officially the Cupid season. Hence, traveling continents, Swift made her stop at the Super Bowl weekend, and guess where it took Travis Kelce? Straight on the winning chart. The pair were then seen celebrating the win with a ‘Love Story’ duet at the after-party. 

 As Swift also began her Eras Tour for 2024, Kelce ensured his presence both in Sydney and Singapore. Hence, it is safe to say that Kelce has come a long way from the first Eras Tour to the second. But for now, they seem to be prioritizing their off-time with a resting phase followed by an extravagant island excursion in the Bahamas. Thus, keeping it strong through every season, the pair having surpassed the winter coziness, are now enjoying a tropical romantic retreat.


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