Ahead of the 2024 Grammy Awards, Here’s A Look Back at 5 Show-Stopping Taylor Swift Performances

Published 02/03/2024, 10:25 AM EST

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Over the years, the Grammy stage has seen the likes of stars like Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, and more. While these artists sure knew how to shake up a concert stage, none have done it quite like the 34-year-old. Now, with the 66th Annual Grammy Awards just 2 days away, Swifties and the rest of the world have been wondering if the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer would put on a show for her fans.

While a performance this year seems rather unlikely, the pop sensation has blessed her fans with various other performances at the much-awaited awards show.

Taylor Swift’s Best Grammy Performances


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This year, Taylor Swift might have to prioritize ‘The Eras Tour’ and miss out on the Super Bowl. However, it also seems to be affecting her routine Grammy performance. While Swifties might be hoping to catch the 34-year-old in action, that seems to be specially reserved for her traveling tour at the moment. Thankfully, there are various previous performances of the ‘Style’ singer that her fans can relive.

Taylor Swift’s 2009 Grammy debut

The 2009 Grammy Awards might be remembered thanks to Kanye West’s infamous mic snatch from Taylor Swift. However, it was also the first time that the young singer had made her way to the event. The then-teenager had teamed up with former Disney star, Miley Cyrus. The duo performed a simple yet stirring ballad of the ‘Midnight Rain’ singer, it was ‘Fifteen.’

It was a performance like no other. The event was not the first and last time that Cyrus and Swift teamed up. The ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer was even featured in Hannah Montana: The Movie. In the film, she sang one of her songs, ‘Crazier’, which was also a love ballad. While some people pitted them against each other, others could only see how uniquely different their tones and ranges were.


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It might not have been the 34-year-old’s best performance, but it is sure enough to make her fans all around the world want to cry.

Taylor Swift’s 2010 Grammy performance

There is a reason that the Grammy Awards are known as music’s biggest night. With icons from different generations all coming together for their love of rhythm, the world has seen some pretty insane collaborations. However, Taylor Swift’s most surprising one yet happened back in 2010. The singer teamed up with the Fleetwood Mac star, Stevie Nicks to perform not one but two songs.


They belted out ‘You Belong With Me’ along with the band’s ‘Rhiannon’. The performance had everything fans had wanted and more. While it might have been a once-in-a-lifetime performance for the singer, it was also ended up being an unforgettable night for the rest of the world’s music lovers.

Taylor Swift’s 2012 Grammy performance

Back in 2012, Taylor Swift was on the path to becoming the biggest pop singer in the world. While she had broken away from her original country roots, she still incorporated some of it into her music. Her ‘Speak Now’ album had been nominated for awards that night, so the singer thought it apt to perform her biggest hit. It was a song called ‘Mean’ that people all over the world related to.

Rumor has it that the song was written for one of Swift’s harshest critics. Shortly after the performance ended, the artist ended up taking home two awards for that very song. The song won the award for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance that night.


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While the song was one of Swift’s first steps out of the country category, the performance not only left everyone in the crowd feeling moved but also had the crowd dancing along.

Taylor Swift’s 2014 Grammy performance

At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift performed her song ‘All Too Well’ from her ‘Red’ album for the first time. While fans had already heard it, watching the singer play it live on her piano brought a whole other depth to the performance. The singer not only got emotional during the ballad but could also be seen rocking out to her own music.

Although she might have been singing about one of her celebrity exes, the performance was enough to make a grown man cry. Swift wore a stunning flowy gown that made her look like a princess running out of a fairytale filled with mishaps. It even added to the air around her and highlighted her performance more.

Taylor Swift’s 2016 Grammy performance


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Taylor Swift making an appearance at the Grammy Awards might be normal. However, back in 2016, the singer kicked off the 58th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. She started the night with a stunning performance of her song, ‘Out of The Woods’. During the performance, the now 34-year-old took to the forest-themed stage as she danced and sang her heart out.

Before Swift kicked off the night, she had already bagged two wins from the awards ceremony. One was for her album, ‘1989’ and the other win came for her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on ‘Bad Blood’. While she did not perform the song with the rapper, the singer managed to give her fans an unforgettable performance.


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What do you think about Taylor Swift’s previous Grammy performances? Let us know in the comments below.



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